Alfred Hamilton
Alfred Hamilton XII
Vital statistics
Title Lord Proprietor

Earl of Ashbourne

Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Flint)
Ships Maria Aleyne
Relationships Thomas Hamilton (Son)
Miranda Barlow (Daughter in law; deceased)
Appearances First: XII.
Last: XVI.
Portrayed by Danny Keogh

Lord Alfred Hamilton was the father of Thomas Hamilton, formerly one of the Lords Proprietor of the Bahamas.

When Lord Hamilton learned that his son intended to propose a universal pardon for the pirates of Nassau, he searched for a way to undermine him. Although, Thomas’s wife Miranda was having an affair with Lieutenant James McGraw, her reputation was such that this was no use. Lord Hamilton eventually bribed and threatened Thomas’s supporter, Peter Ashe, into revealing that Thomas himself and McGraw were also lovers. He used his connections in the Admiralty to force McGraw out of the Navy. Thomas was moved to the mental institution, where he apparently committed suicide.

Years later, Lord Hamilton was travelling to the New World on the Maria Aleyne, when it was set upon by pirate Captain Flint. Flint was none other than former-Lieutenant McGraw, who promptly murdered Lord Hamilton in cold blood.


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