Vital statistics
Title Prostitute
Gender Female
Status Alive
Ships None
Relationships Jack Rackham (Employer)
Appearances First: VII.
Portrayed by Kelly Wragg

Alice is a young woman who works as a prostitute at Jack Rackham's brothel.


Season OneEdit

Alice works at Rackham's brothel. After Rackham replaces Noonan as owner, Alice and the rest of the girls begin to steal from Rackham by giving less of their payments and pocketing the rest. As Alice hands in her take to Rackham, Max confronts her and openly accuses her of theft. She at first denies it, but gives in and beg's for forgiveness and pays Rackham full amount that is due. Once caught. Then she swore upon god and her family that she would never steal again.

Season TwoEdit