Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Presumed Dead
Ships Walrus
Relationships None specified
Appearances First appearance: V.

Last appearance: VIII.

Portrayed by Shaun Acker

Beauclerc was a pirate aboard the Walrus under Captain Flint's command. He was the ship's sharpshooter.

Season OneEdit

During the pursuit of the Andromache, Beauclerc was tasked with shooting its helmsmen. He managed to kill two of them from his perch among the top sails.

After taking the Andromache, the Walrus returns to its search of the Urca de Lima. During the hunt, they end up running into a Spanish Man O' War. Despite several attempts by the crew to prevent the fight with the stronger ship, John Silver is able to fire a cannon, starting the fight. As many suspected, the Man O' War overpowers the Walrus and the Ranger, and sends the Walrus crashing in a nearby beach. As Beauclerc has not been seen since then, it is assumed that he likely died during the battle along with most of the other men in the Walrus's crew.

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