Captain Berringer
Vital statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Status Deceased. (Killed by Israel Hands)
Ships Rogers' Fleet
Relationships Woodes Rogers (employer)
Mr. Milton (soldier; deceased)
Lieutenant Kendrick (soldier; deceased)
Lieutenant Burrell (soldier; deceased)
Lieutenant Werth (soldier; deceased)
Lieutenant Utley (soldier; deceased)
Appearances First: XXIX.
Last: XXXI.
Portrayed by Chris Larkin
"Right now, good men is not what the moment requires. Right now, the time calls for dark men to do dark things"
―Berringer to Rogers

Captain Berringer was an officer in the Royal Navy, and Governor Rogers second-in-command in Nassau. He believed that to fight the pirates, one must be willing to sink to their level to do it. While he was a bitter and vengeful man, he clearly cared for the family he had home in England.


Background Edit

Following the battle of Maroon Island during which the British forces were repelled by the pirates, Berringer refused a direct order by his superiors to return to England, and led a desertion of several hundred redcoats, all united by the sole ambition to exact vengeance on the pirates who had muredered so many of their comrades. He swore his allegeance directly to Woodes Rogers, and dedicated himself to utterly destroying the pirate threat by any means possible.

Season Four


Captain Berringer cares greatly for each and every one of his men, and takes the slaughter and mutilation of his redcoats on Maroon Island very hard. He encourages Woodes Rogers to reacts to pirate savagery with savagery of his own. While the Governor is away in Port Royal, one of his men follows Max to her secret parley with John Silver. The next day, he has her arrested. Berringer threatens her with charges of treason if she doesn’t give up her informants, but Max refuses and meets his gaze with equal resolve.


Berringer lays on the hangings of the captured pirates with full public spectacle to draw Silver into a trap, despite Eleanor’s warning that it will encourage defiance in Nassau. John Silver rides into town Nassau flanked by Flint and Israel Hands. However, Berringer stands ready with his men as the pirates enter the square. An intense and bloody skirmish ensues. Inspired by their Pirate King, the townspeople and slaves join the revolt. Nevertheless, it looks like the redcoats have Silver and the pirates down, when in the nick of time Billy Bones and his men show up. In the end, Israel Hands has Berringer under his knife. He looks to Silver for the go ahead, before slitting Berringer’s throat.

Trivia Edit

  • Actor Chris Larkin (nee. Stephens) is the eldest son of Dame Maggie Smith. Toby Stephens, who co-stars as Captain Flint, is his younger brother.
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