Black Hind
Vital statistics
Captain Lawrence
Crew Unknown
Passengers None
Status Active
Type Large pirate vessel
Weapons Cannon
Affiliation Guthrie-Frazier-Naft-Lawrence Shipping Consortium
First appearance

The Black Hind is a large pirate ship commanded by Captain Lawrence. She is one of the lowest earning ships that ports in Nassau.


The exact size and defenses of the ship are unknown, although it is a known fact that Lawrence if one of the lowest earning captains, but also has one of the larger ships. When Eleanor Guthrie comes up with her plan of restarting her father's business minus her father, she calls in Lawrence as one of the four captains. Her plans are to take the two lowest earning ships (the Intrepid and the Black Hind) and have them move from fighting to transporting the cargo.

Despite the fact that transporting cargo would be safer and more profitable, many of its crew where not happy with the idea of becoming legitimate. They defected and left the ship undermanned. To compensate to this, Eleanor worked out a deal to take some slave freed from the recently boarded Andromache and put them to work on the Black Hind, returning its crew to proper size.