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Colonial Dawn
Vital statistics
Port Nassau
Owner Jack Rackham
Captain Jack Rackham
Crew Colonial Dawn Crew
Passengers {{{passengers}}}
Status Active
Type Tall ship
Weapons 22 cannons
Battles Attack on the True North
Affiliation Pirate Brethren
First appearance XIV.

The Colonial Dawn is a pirate ship captained by Jack Rackham.


Season One[]

The Colonial Dawn was first mentioned by Benjamin Hornigold as owing him a favor by aiding him in retaking the fort. The crew agrees to contribute men to the assault, but it is called off[1]

Season Two[]

The crew becomes deeply divided due to the feud between Captain Flint and Charles VaneFeatherstone, the navigator, believes that 28 men from the crew will join him in electing a new captain. Afterwards, thanks to the machinations of Max and Idelle, with whom Featherstone is deeply enamored, Jack Rackham becomes captain of the Colonial Dawn. He leads them in taking the True North and defeated Linus Harcourt in a dispute over the plunder from the prize[2].

After hearing that the Urca de Lima gold is still unclaimed, Jack plans on leading his crew in claiming it. John Silver covertly tells them the location, while telling Flint that the gold was reclaimed by the Spanish. In truth, the Spanish soldiers guarding the gold have largely died of a plague[3]

After Eleanor Guthrie learns of Rackham's designs on the Urca gold, she hires two assassins to kill the crew's officers who know of the gold's location, out of fear that its capture would hinder her plans to reconcile Nassau and England. Stayton and Atz are killed by Eleanor Guthrie's hired assassins, but they are in turn killed by Anne Bonny before they can kill Jack and Featherstone. The crew then leaves without further delay[4].

The crew sail to Florida, and en route Featherstone reveals their quarry. After a fierce fight with the surviving Spaniards, the pirates succeeded in taking the gold, and guarded the treasure in the vaults of the fort[5].

Season Three[]

The gold remains in possession of the crew and is kept in the vaults of the fort. They are allowed to withdraw gold from their respective shares[6].

When Woodes Rogers arrives in Nassau, the crew of the ship garrisons Fort Nassau. After he promises all the pirates a pardon except for Vane, the pirates surrender en masse, while the crew holds out in the fort[7].

The crew voted to expel Charles Vane from the fort in fear of being besieged and hoping that the British would allow them to keep the gold and remain in the fort. After Rackham blows a hole in the fort's walls, allowing him, Bonny and Vane to escape, the crew surrenders to Hornigold's men. They presumably take the Royal Pardon after that and the crew disbands[8]


Deceased Crew[]


  • Jack Rackham's most famous ship was actually a small vessel called the Kingston. He also had command over several other sloops, but never captained a ship as large as the Colonial Dawn. 


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