Colonial Dawn
Vital statistics
Port Nassau
Owner Jack Rackham
Captain Jack Rackham
Crew Dozens of pirates
Passengers {{{passengers}}}
Status Active
Type Tall ship
Weapons 22 cannons
Battles Attack on the True North
Affiliation Pirate Brethren
First appearance XIV.

The Colonial Dawn is a pirate ship captained by Jack Rackham.


The Colonial Dawn was first mentioned by Benjamin Hornigold as owing him a favor by aiding him in retaking the fort.

Jack Rackham becomes captain of the Colonial Dawn. He leads them in taking the True North and defeated Linus Harcourt in a dispute over the plunder from the prize.

At least two crewmen are killed by Eleanor Guthrie's hired assassins who attempted to hinder the Urca excursion. The crew succeeded in taking the gold, and guarded the treasure in the vaults of the fort.

The crew voted to expel Charles Vane from the fort in fear of being besieged and hoping that the British would allow them to keep the gold and remain in the fort.

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