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The consortium S1E8

The original members of the Consortium.

"It is with great pleasure that we shall now commence our inaugural meeting of the Guthrie-Frazier-Naft-Lawrence Shipping Consortium for the Purposes of Trade in the West Indies, Excelsior........Reginald, add to the agenda discussion of a shorter name."

The Consortium is a group of pirates and merchants involved in the trade, smuggling, and distribution of goods in Nassau.


Prior to the Consortium, all trade was managed by Richard Guthrie. He would purchase the stolen goods, then smuggle them out using his own ships. After his involvement in this illicit trade is uncovered, Richard decides that in order to protect his daughter, the pirate trade must be crippled. He swiftly cuts ties and business on the island, informing the crews of the island he is no longer conducting business and that all monies owed are lost.

Instead of paying debts and leaving as her father has hoped, Eleanor decides to recreate her father's business without her father. To do this, she calls on Frasier to assist in trades off the island, Captains Naft and Geoffrey Lawrence to transport the cargo, and Captain Benjamin Hornigold to operate as the face to gain the trust of the local pirates. While Fraiser and the two captains consent to the idea, Hornigold tells her that he would only get involved if she lifted her ban on Charles Vane. He tells her that until that ban is lifted, everybody they do business with would be at risk as long as people did not trust Eleanor. While Eleanor despises the idea, she goes along with it and lifts the ban, officially founding the Consortium.

After founding the Consortium, they soon fall into small setbacks, the largest being that Lawrence's crew refused to accept their new job and a majority left. At the same time, James Flint returned from its hunt of the Andromache and brought with them a large number of slaves found it the hold of their prize. Eleanor is able to solve Flint's problem on how to handle the slaves by buying the men and giving them to Lawrence, resolving his issues of an undermanned ship.

The Consortium X

The Meeting of the Consortium.

However, the new problems soon arose. Charles Vane returned to the island with the new crew and took control of Fort Nassau, threatening to sink every ship in the bay if he does not get Hornigold's place in the Consortium. Eleanor was forced to accept Vane.