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Vital statistics
Title Accountant (former)
Captain (former, briefly)
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Killed by John Silver)
Ships Walrus (formerly)
Spanish Man O' War (formerly)
Relationships James Flint (Ex-Captain)
Hal Gates (Quartermaster, deceased)
Benjamin Hornigold (Partner-in-crime/Captain, deceased)
Appearances First: I.
Last: XXV.
Portrayed by Jannes Eiselen (S1)

Roland Reed (S2-3)

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Dufresne was the ship's accountant, and later Quartermaster, for the Walrus. As accountant, his job was to add the prices of stolen goods and to make an account of the payments to be doled out to the crew. After betraying the pirates with Hornigold and rejoining the English, he was finally killed by John Silver.



Nothing is known of Dufresne's background, or why he joined the pirates of Nassau. However, he appears to be one of more educated members of Flint's crew. Due to his importance as accountant, he has never had to take part in storming a ship, preventing him from having any combat experience.

Season One[]

After taking a merchant ship, Gates went to Dufresne to inform him of the goods taken and injuries sustained by the crew. After counting up the prices, he told Gates that the average payment would be only eight dollars each.

After docking at Nassau, John Silver went to Dufresne looking for the missing book from the captain's log, telling him the book he is looking for is his book of recipes. Dufresne told him that they took all the books from Silver's ship and what they aren't selling in Nassau, would be in Captain Flint's cabin.

After Flint defeats Singleton in the duel for the captaincy, Dufresne tries to tell the crew that they should not spend their depleted cash reserves on partying. He then tells Silver that he should cook the crew some food in order to stop them from going on a spree.

As they prepare for their voyage, Flint and Dufresne go over the accounts. Dufresne warns that they're spending too much money on stores before Gates arrives and orders him to leave.

During the expedition against the Andromache, Billy Bones, Dufresne and Logan go over their stores, and they conclude that this will be an all or nothing assault. Billy then informs Dufresne that he must take part in the upcoming battle because the Andromache was a powerful ship with a large crew. Dufresne clearly wanted no part in fighting in a battle and had never done so before. Dufresne then nervously attends the meeting where Billy reveals that the plan is to sail straight at the Andromache when she turns to fire on them, a suicidal tactic. However, Billy explains that Beauclerc, their sharpshooter, will shoot their helmsman, causing the ship to drift alongside the pirates.

Dufresne then confronted Bones and explained his contributions to the ship in his non-fighting capacity; pointing out how much money his expert bookkeeping had saved the crew. Nevertheless, Bones makes sure that Dufresne is part of the boarding party.

Dufresne kills his first man.

Right before they board, Billy tells Dufresne that no man to ever serve on the Walrus has ever died during their first boarding; so he has nothing to worry about. As he prepared to jump, Dufresne puts his spectacles in his pocket. Dufresne leaped onto the Andromache through a gun port and made his way onto the boat deck. Once there, he pointed his pistol at a man and fired, but missed him. The man put his own pistol point black into Dufresne's face, but it misfired, resulting in the two being tangled in a mêlée. As the man was about to stab Dufresne, he lost his balance and fell over. Dufresne took this opportunity to literally bite the man's throat before he passes out. After the battle, Billy finds Dufresne in the captain’s quarters, getting an early start in going through all the paper work and files. Dufresne thanks Billy for lying to him about nobody ever dying their first time, as looking back, he could recall a few who did.


When the crew returned to Nassau, they were without a quartermaster since Bones fell overboard. They elected Dufresne in his place. Consequently, they shaved his head and had a tattoo of a shark's mouth placed on his arm. Among his first duties as quartermaster was figuring out how to deal with the Silver-Randall confrontation, where Randall accused Silver of being the page thief. Along with Dr. Howell and De Groot, they decided to give Silver a test to see if he possessed the skills they thought necessary to memorize the Urca's schedule. Silver failed their test, but before they could do something to him, Randall began calling everyone a thief thereby removing his potential to be a reliable witness, thereby saving Silver as part of a deal.

Dufresne was one of the few crew members that Gates had informed about Flint's true intentions. Dufresne stated that he was willing to put up with much of Flint's indiscretions, but that the death of Bones deserved a response. He and Gates agreed that when the time was right, they would start their mutiny against Flint.

During the expedition against the Urca, when the Urca is not spotted where she is supposed to be, Dufresne went to Gates and attempted to start the mutiny. However, Gates demurred, citing that it was not time yet. Gates was soon thereafter killed by Flint. When Dufresne went to investigate Gates' body, he was confronted by Silver, who convinced him that if he were to start the mutiny with a Spanish Man O' War bearing down on them, that the ship would certainly be in no position for a fight and would be lost in the coming fight. Dufresne seemed to agree, offering Flint the particulars about how to fool the Spanish vessel into thinking that the Walrus was just a Spanish merchant ship.


The plan to fool the Spanish ship succeeded, however, before Flint could put his plan into place, Dufresne pulled a pistol on Flint and stated to the men that he was charging Flint with tyrannical crimes against his own crew. When Flint ignored him and attempted to fire one of the cannons, Dufresne shot him in the shoulder. Nevertheless, Silver fired one of the cannons and the battle against the Spanish Man O' War commenced. Dufresne admirably led the crew in a fruitless attempt to fight the Spanish behemoth. However, the Walrus was soon put out of action. Dufresne survived the battle and made his way to shore with some other survivors. There, the crew spotted the Urca. She had been wrecked in a storm the previous night.

Season Two[]

Dufresne openly admitted to Flint that he had only been kept alive to assist in the retrieval of the gold from the beach. Flint then cursed him and the crew for raising a mutiny. However, he proposed a plan to capture the Spanish warship and escape. Back in the camp, the crew agreed with Flint's plan. Dufresne then gave Flint a knife so he and Silver could swim to the ship and kill the guards.

Later, Dufresne led the crew into a successful attack on the warship, slaughtering the few remaining crew members onboard. The pirates raised the sails and sailed for Nassau. Later that night, Dufresne told Flint and Silver that the crew has voted to pardon them for their crimes, but that the two would have to abandon the ship once it returned to Nassau.

As the Walrus was approaching Nassau, Flint warned Dufrense not to be tempted to take a new prize with their powerful new ship, until they have recruited more men. Dufresne sees this as an unveiled attempt to prevent him from gaining legitimacy as captain, and decides to pursue a prize. However, when the pirates attack a merchant ship, the other crew manage to fight them off. As Dufresne dithers, Flint assumes command and orders the pirates to sink the merchant ship. Afterwards, the crew voted to have Flint reinstalled as captain, with Dufrense returning to Quartermaster.

In Nassau, Flint goes ashore to enlist Captain Hornigold in their return journey to the Urca's wreck, because they will need at least one more ship and more men to defeat the Spanish soldiers who guarded the treasure. Dufresne bluntly asks Flint how he will explain Gates' absence, and Flint replies that he will tell the truth. Before he leaves, he orders that the vanguard be provided berths in the captain's cabin. Dufresne sees this as a naked power play, but Flint says he is merely trying to ensure that everyone benefits from the ship equally. Flint also orders that no other longboats be allowed to depart. Dufresne objects that the crew will resist and Flint orders that he resist them, reminding him that if other crews learn of the gold's location, they will have to compete.

Flint and Hornigold combine their crews to neutralize the threat posed by Charles Vane who has taken over the fort, before they can safely bring the Urca gold back. Later, on the deck of the Man O' War, Flint makes a speech to the combined crew, stating that before they can achieve success with the Urca's gold, they must first neutralize the threat posed by Vane and his fortress. Flint demands that Vane vacate that fort, or at sunrise the next day, he will attack.

Still resentful of Flint, when Billy Bones is found to be alive, Dufrense tries to encourage Billy to admit that Flint pushed him into the water to silence his opposition. Flint eventually agrees to exchange Abigail Ashe, the daughter of the Governor of Carolina, in return for standing down his men from attacking the fortress.

When Hornigold learns that Flint plans to allow Vane to keep the fort, he challenges Flint for captaincy of the combined crew. Dufrense and many others support Hornigold. Just before the vote is to take place, the men left to spy on the Urca gold return, claiming that the Spanish returned and took every piece of gold off the beach. Hornigold’s faction completely fades away.

Flint retains captaincy, and Hornigold, Dufresne and eight others are thrown off the crew. However, Dufresne learned from Billy Bones that the English offered ten pardons if they would capture Flint and bring him to the English force on Harbour Island. With Flint out of reach, they take Eleanor Guthrie prisoner, and deliver her to the English forces in return for ten pardons.

Season Three[]

Dufresne and Hornigold hand Eleanor Guthrie over to the English authorities and gain their freedom as a result. Hornigold begins to act as a Pirate Hunter, Dufrense seems to have become the Quartermaster of Hornigold's ship, the Orion, as he is often seen by Hornigold's side. They are sent by the newly appointed governor of New Providence, Woodes Rogers, to engage Captain Flint and any other pirates they come across and either manage their surrender by offering pardons or sinking them. The Orion encounters the Straight Arrow, whose crew surrenders. Captain Hallendale is left marooned in his cabin, while the ship is left at anchor, sails furled and flying the Black as a trap.

Returning from sacking Bath, the Walrus spots the Straight Arrow and decides to investigate. Meanwhile, Hornigold and Dufresne trail them with their sail reduced in order to avoid detection. When the pirates realize the trap, it is too late, for Dufresne and Hornigold have the advantage in the wind no matter what, and a massive storm is brewing to the south. When the Orion gets close to the Walrus, Hornigold uses a megaphone to offer the entire crew pardons if they surrender, after which their ship will be commandeered and they can either join Hornigold's crew or be left at the nearest port. If they refuse, he will grant no quarter.

Dufresne asks Hornigold if he thinks Flint and his men will accept, and Hornigold replies that he doesn't care and orders the guns to be readied. When the port side batteries are loaded, he informs Hornigold, who orders that they open fire on the Walrus, which steers hard to port. Dufresne asks what Flint is doing, as his path leads directly into the storm. Hornigold orders that they pursue.

The Orion follows the Walrus partway into the storm, firing its bow chasers at the Walrus but missing every time. Eventually Hornigold gives the order to retreat as the Walrus sails deeper into the storm. After it subsides, they patrol the area extensively. They find a large amount of debris from the Walrus, including her flag, leading them to believe that the ship went under during the storm.

Hornigold and Dufresne rendezvous with the rest of Rogers' fleet in St. Kitts, and Rogers greets the both of them when they climb onto his ship, the Delicia. Hornigold asks to address a disturbing rumor he had heard, and is shocked when he learns that it is true, Rogers has freed Eleanor Guthrie and taken her on as an advisor. Hornigold warns that she is not be trusted, and Rogers responds that he doesn't trust her or Hornigold, and assumes they'll balance each other out. Rogers then asks Hornigold for his news, and Hornigold explains that he drove Flint into a storm, where his ship went down with all hands, and he brings Flint's flag as evidence.

When the fleet arrives in Nassau, they find the harbor defended by the Pirate Fleet. Rogers takes a meeting of his senior officers, Dufresne and Hornigold included, in his cabin to discuss how to proceed. Rogers and Chamberlain bicker over the safest way to solve this issue until Eleanor steps up. She proposes that Hornigold be sent to read Rogers' pardon address, because all the pirates in Nassau know him and Rogers doesn't really care if he dies. Hornigold and Dufresne are sent in a longboat flying a white flag ashore, where they are greeted by hundreds of armed pirates. Hornigold reads the address, promising a full pardon for any man who surrenders, as well as placing a £10,000 bounty on the death or capture of Charles Vane. The pirates, led by Throckmorton, surrender en masse.

While the pirates on the beach surrender, those in the fort and on the fleet hold out. Eventually, a large hole is blown into the side of the fort to allow Vane and Jack Rackham to escape. Hornigold orders Dufresne to pass word to the men that Vane is likely at large, and to remind them of the bounty on his head. When they meet again, Hornigold orders Dufresne to pass word to Commodore Peter Chamberlain that the men in the fort have surrendered. Dufresne asks what he should say about the blast's effect on recovering the gold, and Hornigold says to tell him it didn't help.

One night at the Nassau tavern John Silver decides to make an appearance. Telling the men that Flint is alive and angry that they went back on their promise. Dufresne then explains to the men that they are not afraid of Flint and that Silver is not to be taken seriously. Arguing that Flint is already half forgotten and that even if Flint is alive, he is no more than an empty threat; he points out that Flint must be desperate to send a handful of men lead by half a man, commenting on Silver's lost limb. Silver as a result grabs a mug and hits Dufresne in the face. Dufresne collapses on the ground, and Silver then walks over and stomps Dufresne in the head with his prosthetic leg until Dufresne's skull is completely smashed.

Memorable Quotes[]

"Captain Flint, as quartermaster, I hereby accuse you of tyrannical crimes against your crew...beginning with the murders of Mr. Singleton, Billy Bones, and Mr. Gates. I hold in my hand a letter written by Mr. Gates confessing his knowledge and complicity in the Captain's myriad crimes, as well as his knowledge of the Captain's continued treachery up to and including his plan to steal a portion of the treasure fleet proceeds for himself."
―Dufresne to the crew[src]
"The lying we could forgive, Singleton we could forgive, we could forgive all of it...but not Billy. That requires an answer."
―Dufresne to Gates[src]


Season One
Season Two
Season Three


  • Dufresne was portrayed by Roland Reed starting in the second season, replacing actor Jannes Eiselen, who portrayed the character throughout the first season. Eiselen tragically developed brain cancer before the second season could be filmed.
  • It is possible that, as an English pirate possessing a French surname, Dufresne may be a second-generation descendent of French Calvinist immigrants who arrived in England during the 1680's, which is roughly thirty years before the events of Black Sails.

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