Vital statistics
Title Slave
Gender Female
Status Alive
Ships Andromache (As slave, freed)
Relationships Mr. Scott (Friend; deceased)
Babatunde (Friend; deceased)
Eleanor Guthrie (Friend; deceased)
Madi (Friend)
James Flint (Savior/Friend)
John Silver (Savior/Friend)
Appearances First Appearance: V.
Portrayed by Sibongile Mlambo

Eme is a slave aboard the Andromache. She is chained up behind Mr. Scott.

Biography Edit

Season One Edit

After Mr. Scott is captured, chained, and enslaved by Dyfed Bryson, he is placed in the slave holding cell. The slaves hope to use the pirates' boarding as their means of escape. Mr. Scott is unwilling to help them, as he is loyal to Eleanor Guthrie and will not allow his actions to harm her. Eme pleads with him, saying that he is not just throwing his life away, but that of every slave in the hold as well.

When the pirates learn about the slaves, they send in a tool to help them break their chains. However, them moving to get the tool draws one of the soldiers down to inspect them. Mr. Scott tells the man that Eme is the one causing the noise. As the main picks up Eme and throws her against the wall, Scott comes in behind and strangles him to death, then takes the tool and uses the noise caused by the pirates to cover the sound of him breaking the chains. They make their way up into the bunker, and begin attacking the men inside, during the fight, Eme sees an injured Bryson crawling to a explosive trap they set up, and kills him before he can set it off and kill everybody on the ship.

Eme kills Bryson

Eme kills Bryson

She is later seen on the Walrus with the rest of the freed slaves, and is with them when they escape the Urca de Lima.

Back at Nassau, Eme and the rest of the slave are confined by Eleanor Guthrie. While they did help take the ship, and none on the island really care, they cannot just free the slaves. Mr. Scott becomes an advocate trying to find a way to secure their freedoms. With help from several captains and crews, including Flint's, they are able to gather funds to free all the slaves, who spread out among the populace of Nassau, most of the women being employed by the bar.

Season Three Edit

Eme is seen infrequently in the tavern during the Season Two. Later, Mr. Scott's daughter, Madi, comes to Nassau from the Maroon Island to retrieve a store of guns hidden by Mr. Scott. Eme is the person whom Mr. Scott trusted to know about the existence of the ex-slave community and the hidden guns.

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