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Vital statistics
Port Nassau
Owner Edward Low (formerly)
Charles Vane (formerly)
Captain Edward Low (formerly)
Charles Vane (formerly)
Crew Dozens of pirates
Passengers Abigail Ashe (captive)
Status Active
Type Square-rigger
Weapons 26 cannon
Battles Attack on the Good Fortune
Affiliation Pirate Brethren
First appearance IX.
"Mr. Meeks, who is the captain of the Fancy?"
"Ned Low.
Eleanor Guthrie and Meeks[src]

The Fancy was a pirate ship captained by Edward Low upon its first arrival in Nassau. However, she was soon captured by Charles Vane and his crew with all of the Fancy's original crew being killed in the attack.



According to Meeks, before Ned Low became captain, the crew had suffered under a stretch of captains ranging from bad to worse. While their previous captains were weaklings, frauds and liars, Low was none of those things, so the crew saw him as an answer. 

Season Two[]

The Fancy pulls alongside the Good Fortunea surrendering merchant vessel. The crew boards and the captain, Jefferson, hands the manifest to Meeks. Jefferson asks Low if he is from Nassau and the pirate captain explains that he is a new arrival to Nassau. While Jefferson talks about his fascination with Nassau, Meeks calls Ned over and points out a passenger on the manifest, Abigail Ashe, the daughter of Peter Ashe, Governor of the Carolina Colony. Ned and Meeks then call their men up. Despite Jefferson's pleas, the crew of the Fancy executes the crew of the merchant ship. Low then personally kills Jefferson, and the crew finds Abigail Ashe and sets sail for Nassau, but not before burning the Good Fortune. 

When they arrive in Nassau, Meeks attempts to sell their plunder at the Guthrie's warehouse. However, the cashier refuses to pay the full value of the cargo because all the containers are covered in blood, meaning they have to be repackaged. Eleanor then arrives and Meeks tries to explain that they are new to Nassau, but Eleanor tells him that she isn't paying for whatever happened on the ship they captured. Low later confronts her at her bar and tries to strong-arm her into paying full price, but she refuses.

The next day, Low and his men laugh aboard the ship about Low's threats to Eleanor. Meeks warns him that angering Eleanor jeopardizes a vital relationship for the crew. Low responds that the crew doesn't care, and they'll all be rich after returning from Carolina, so who knows if they'll need her.

Deceased Crew[]

Ned Low's Crew[]

Charles Vane's Crew[]


  • In real-world history, the Fancy captained by Ned Low was an 80-ton schooner, not the three-masted vessel as shown in the series.


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