Mr. Fisher
Vital statistics
Title Crewmember
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Ships Unnamed merchant vessel
Relationships Parrish (Captain; deceased)
Appearances Only Appearance: I.
Portrayed by Russ McCarroll

Fisher was a sailor and crew-member aboard a merchant vessel hunted by James Flint. When the ship was attacked, Fisher, like most of the crew, went to fight off the Walrus.


When the Walrus hunts down the merchant vessel, Captain Parrish gives the order to fight back instead of surrendering as suggested. Fisher is among the crew on the top deck during the conflict. After being hit several times by cannon-fire and taking causalities, Parrish gives the order to fall back into a barricaded room for a last stand. Fisher was wounded and knocked down in the early stages of the fight and was unable to get into the room before Parrish locked it. Once it is noticed by the crew that he is still alive and moving to the door, the Quartermaster pleads with the captain to unlock the door and let him in. Despite his pleas and Fisher, Parrish refuses, and watches at Fisher is shot and killed by the pirates.


  • Fisher, while barley visible, is the first named character to be killed in the series.