Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Presumed Dead
Ships Walrus
Relationships Crisp (friend)
Appearances First appearance: IV.

Last appearance: VIII.

Portrayed by Geoff Kukard

Froom was a pirate aboard the Walrus under Captain Flint's command.

Season OneEdit

While the hull of the Walrus is being cleaned, Froom and Crisp are tasked in securing the ship by tying the ship to some palm trees. They are both soon scolded by Billy Bones because the trees they are using are to close to the ship and will not provide the needed support. Instead of fixing their mistake, they leave the ropes and go to seek some time with the prostitutes. Their laziness causes the ship to tip over, resulting in the death of Morley and Randall losing a leg. Despite the two being responsible, no punishment is seen or referenced

As Froom has not been seen since the battle with the Spanish Man O' War, it is assumed that he likely died during the battle.