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Geoffrey Lawrence
Vital statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Status Alive
Ships Black Hind
Relationships Eleanor Guthrie (boss)
Frasier (colleague)
Naft (colleague)
Appearances First appearance: V.
Portrayed by John Herbert

Geoffrey Lawrence is a pirate captain in command of the Black Hind. Lawrence is one of the least profitable pirates in Nassau, but one of the largest.


Season One[]

After Richard Guthrie tells the pirates he has gone out of business and that they will not receive any more money, Eleanor decides to restart her father's dealing instead of paying off the captains and running. Geoffrey is one of the captains she summons, and tells him that he and Naft are the least profitable captains on the island. Despite the lack the money they bring in, both he and Naft have some of the largest ships, and are capable of carrying large amounts of goods for trade. While Naft believes he can talk his men into moving cargo, Geoffrey takes offence, saying that his men are pirates and will not like the change. Eleanor tells him they may be pirates, but they are bad at it, and they can make more money doing easier work. Geoffrey asks Benjamin Hornigold what he thinks of this whole deal, as most of its success would fall on Benjamin being the face of the operation to lend it legetimacy in the eye of the street. However, Hornigold demands that Eleanor rescind the ban on Captain Vane, as he believes that it makes the other pirates view Eleanor as a petty tyrant. Eleanor refuses, and Hornigold says that he will give her till dark, at which point he will withdraw his men from the Tavern.

AFter Eleanor holes up in her office, and Lawrence laments that it has been two hours since she went in there. Naft remarks that he thinks it's a good sign, for it means she is taking this seriously. Lawrence is aghast at his remarks, and Frasier explains to Naft that if Hornigold's terms are not met, something that seems increasingly likely, he will withdraw his men and Lilywhite and his mob will then likely riot and burn everything with the Guthrie name on it, engulfing Nassau in fiery chaos. Naft replies that they need to have more faith in people. Shortly thereafter, Eleanor comes out and nods at Hornigold in agreement. Once Hornigold's terms are met, he agree's to join, so Geoffrey follows.

As he suspected, most of Lawrence's crew did not accept being "legitimate", and left the ship. Geoffrey told the other members of the Consortium that he was now undermanned and did not believe his should could operate. To fix the problem, Eleanor took slaves from the recently taken Andromache and assigned them to the Black Hind.

A few days later, Lawrence is on the beach with the other members of the Consortium, preparing for his first voyage as a merchant. Before he can leave however, cannon from the fort go off and hit several ships in the harbour. It is discovered that Charles Vane took over the fort and is demanding Hornigold's spot on the Consortium. He notes that should they try to take the fort, he will be able to sink half the ships in harbour before they should succeed. Eleanor agrees to his demands and Lawrence is able to depart.

Season Two[]

When Lawrence returns from his voyage, the Consortium meets in the parlor of the Tavern. Eleanor is disappointed to learn he got a far smaller amount of money for his goods than he should have. Eleanor says that all the documents and payoffs were in good order, but Lawrence replies that Eleanor's family's name is not. Lawrence explains that he considers it a miracle that he even made it back to Nassau. He explains that because of it, he was meant with great skepticism every step of the way. And when the customs man learned he was an agent of Eleanor's, he was questioned for nearly three hours. Lawrence convinced him that there would be reprisals against the man personally if he wasn't allowed to leave. Vane then asks by whose hand did he promise reprisals, and sarcastically asks if it was Naft's, for it is obvious that Lawrence used Vane's name to cow the customs man.  

When Flint returns and begins planning to oust Vane from the fort by bombarding it and then invading with his men and Benjamin Hornigold's, Eleanor leads the Consortium in backing Vane. She has Frasier pay four criers to spread Vane's message to the rest of Nassau. Frasier asks why they are supporting Vane, and Eleanor says they are not supporting his position, they are merely relaying it.

After Flint and Hornigold begin firing on the fort, a Runner informs Eleanor that an errant shot landed near the Intrepid's storehouse, which had been freshly stocked with powder. Eleanor orders the runner to tell Lawrence to move the powder to the Guthrie Warehouse.

When Eleanor is arrested by Hornigold and his men, the Consortium falls apart and Naft and Lawrence's crews scatter. 

Memorable Quotes[]

"The harbormaster's name is Singer. The foreman's name is Smith. The warehouse manager's Clay, and the customs man is Kent. Now if you don't let me board my ship and leave this place, none of it will matter as the goods in my hold will be rotten by the time I arrive."- Lawrence to the Consortium in VIII.

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