Vital statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Status Alive
Ships Unknown
Relationships None specified
Appearances First appearance: IV.
Portrayed by Greg Parvess

Gruenwald is a pirate that Jack Rackham tries to enlist to help him sell his goods to Eleanor. However, Gruenwald is one of many who have become terrified of the risks of angering Eleanor.

Season OneEdit

After Eleanor finds out that Vane had Max held and used by his crew, she blacklisted him and his crew from doing any form of business on the Island. Hoping to keep the remaining crew loyal, Rackham goes to to sevreal pirates and captains hoping they will buy their remaining goods. Like everybody else, Gruenwald refuses.  Gruenwald says it is because he doesn't even want the chance of Eleanor finding out and punishing him and his ship like she did to Vane.


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