Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Anne Bonny)
Ships Ranger
Relationships Charles Vane (Captain)

Anne Bonny (Rival)

Appearances First: III.
Last: VI.
Portrayed by Neels Clasen

Hamund was a pirate who served on the Ranger under Charles Vane.

Season OneEdit

After the events at the The Wrecks, Hamund and several other crew members confronted Jack Rackham on his loss of the black pearls. While Rackham tried to get them to calm down, they told him to make it right.

After Vane captured Max, Hamund, as well as many other members of the crew, used her as they wanted, and were unafraid to hold back their mistreatment of her. When Rackham and Anne Bonny attempted to take Max out and sneak her off the island, they were stopped by Hamund and his gang. They informed them that it was up to the crew to decide when Max would leave, and they then took Max and proceeded to rape her right in the street. They only stopped when Eleanor knocked them off of Max. an enraged Eleanor blacklisted Vane and declared that anybody who stayed with him would also be blacklisted. Hamund was one of the few who stayed.

Hamund only became more violent with Max, who went into Vane's services to pay back the debt (the lost pearls) she felt she was involved in losing. While several members of the crew became more gentle with Max, Hamund ignored her pleas.

Anne Bonny became more and more angry with his treatment of Max, but was unable to directly confront him as she would end up having to face Hamund as well as the rest of the crew without any help, so she went to Eleanor to set up a way to kill Hamund. Eleanor sent John Silver who told Hamund that he was Max's partner and wanted to sell the information he gave Flint to Hamund. Hamund became furious, and told him that its because of this plan that Rackham ended up losing all the pearls. Silver told him that Rackham gave half the pearls to Max upfront and kept the rest. This infuriated Hamund and went after Bonny and Rackham. Anne told Humund  that the pearls were hidden at the wrecks. Once they arrived, they were lead into an ambush. The entire crew (save for Rackham and Anne) were killed, with Hamund being the last, killed by Bonny personally with a stab to the gut. 

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