Vital statistics
Title Quartermaster
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Ships Andromache
Relationships Dyfed Bryson (Captain; deceased)
Appearances First: IV.
Last: VI.
Portrayed by Dean McCoubrey

Hayes was the quartermaster aboard the Andromache under the command of Dyfed Bryson.


Season OneEdit

Hayes and Captain Bryson arrive in Nassau and find Eleanor Guthrie waiting for them. Bryson grudgingly agrees to meet with her privately. While he does so, Hayes waits outside in the tavern, unaware that several mercenaries, led by O'Malley, are posted throughout the room to detain Hayes and his captain if Bryson refuses to give his cannons to Eleanor. Bryson agrees to do so, and the two leave the tavern. In the dead of night, rather than ferrying over the guns, the Andromache leaves with Mr. Scott on board. 

As the Walrus gives chase, Hayes informs Bryson in his cabin that the pirates will be on them in four hours. Bryson orders Hayes to pack more straw in the chests of Chinese porcelain they are carrying in the hold. As the Walrus draws near, Hayes asks Bryson why Flint isn't attacking. Bryson tells him it's because Flint knows he won't be able to board them if he does. Bryson acknowledges his bravery before ordering the gun crews to fire. However, Flint's sharpshooter, Beauclerc, is able to kill the helmsmen, causing them to lose the wind and bringing them alonside the Walrus. Bryson then orders the men to prepare to be boarded. After a brutal fight on deck, Bryson retreats with Hayes and twenty of his men to a reinforced bunker that overlooks the lower gun deck. Three men approach it and are killed by their men, Hayes then suggests that they send their terms to Flint. Hayes, Bryson and another man descend into the hold. After a brief discussion with Mr. Scott, Bryson has his man shoot a young slave. He then threatens to kill a young girl before a slave volunteers to be his messenger. The slave is sent up and reveals that the HMS Scarborough knows their location.  The pirates send an African crew mate, Lars, down into the hold painted with soot. He is to throw a smoke bomb into a murderhole to allow the vanguard time to break down the door. He is able to get within throwing distance but is spotted but shot by Hayes. 

While the crew of the Andromache attempt to wait out the boarding party of the Walrus, Hayes was sent to check on the slaves when he and other members of his crew heard a commotion. When he arrived to the hold where the slaves were being kept, Hayes and the men with him were quickly overwhelmed and killed by the slaves who had freed themselves.


"Three men dead on their end captain. Perhaps it's time we send them our terms." Hayes to Dyfed Bryson in V.