Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Vane)
Ships Walrus
Relationships None specified
Appearances First: I.

Last: XVII.

Portrayed by Richard Lukunku

Joshua was a pirate who served on the Walrus under Captain Flint.


Although Joshua seems to be a violent and fierce warrior in battle of the crew and one of the best. He is shown also to be relaxed, playful and quite entertaining while in The company of his brothers. He is shown to be skilled with hands, Pistols and axe, supported by his large frame.

Season OneEdit

Joshua first appears as the first man through the breach of the captured merchantman's hold. Wearing a false set of teeth that resemble piranha teeth and possessing a large stature, he is enormously intimidating and it is easy to see why he would be the first man through the breach. Following the battle, he attempts and fails to startle quartermaster Gates, with Gates telling him to "grow up". Later, it is Joshua who finds Mosiah as he is dying on the beach. Mosiah utters one word to Joshua before dying: "Vane". Joshua reports Mosiah's death to Gates.

As the crew readies to take the Andromache, Joshua is seen among the rest of the crew, preparing his false teeth and war paint.

During the final parts of the fight on the Andromache, when they breach the bunker holding the remains of the men, Joshua is one of the first men into the room.

During the battle against the Spanish Man O' War, Joshua was last seen trying to help a wounded crew member. After the Walrus is wrecked, Joshua manages to survive and make it to shore.

Season TwoEdit

After making it to shore, Dufresne takes the role as captain and Joshua accepts it. He takes part in the plan to take the Man O' War after Flint and Silver take out the watch. He is only seen briefly when he breaks down a barricaded door to find Flint and Silver waiting to fight the Spanish crew, but leaves once he sees who is inside. Joshua takes part in the attack on the English merchant ship, and is one of the few crew members to make it back to the Man O' War. He is the first to submit to Flint's authority, ordering the gun crews to make ready.  During the vote for the captaincy of the combined crews of Flint and Hornigold, Joshua and many others are disappointed by the loss of the gold. However, he ultimately sides with Flint. 

When Flint's ship is attacked by Vane's crew as it is anchored off Charles Town, Joshua is killed personally by Charles Vane, who stabs Joshua through his side and then slashes him across his face.


  • In both battles the crew takes part in, Joshua is one of the first men to breach the barricaded rooms.
    • During the taking of the Spanish Man O' War, it is Joshua who breaks the door down to find Flint and Silver, although the crew did not attempt to take the room.