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Vital statistics
Title Maroon Princess
Gender Female
Status Alive
Ships Walrus
Relationships Mr. Scott (Father, deceased)
Maroon Queen (Mother)
John Silver (Lover)
Eleanor Guthrie (Friend; deceased)
Woodes Rogers (Enemy)
Appearances First: XXII.
Portrayed by Zethu Dlomo

Madi is the daughter of Mr. Scott and the Maroon Queen, destined to succeed as leader of the Maroon Island community of former slaves. She becomes instrumental in forging the partnership between the pirates and Maroons, dedicated to the goal of inciting a massive slave rebellion and freeing the New World from colonial rule. As she works alongside John Silver in strengthening their nascent alliance, the two grow close and eventually become lovers.



Madi was born in Nassau, to parents who were both slaves, although she was still a childhood friend of Eleanor Guthrie. During the War of the Spanish Succession the port became a haven for English privateers, and the Spain threatened to invade. Her father, Mr. Scott, secured her and her mother passage to an escaped slave community on the Maroon Island. Her mother eventually became the leader of the community as the Maroon Queen. Madi remained somewhat estranged from her father, who stayed in Nassau to provide the community with supplies. She grew up in the community, with the expectation that she would one day take her mother’s place.

Season Three[]

When James Flint and his crew are captured on the island, they are brought to the Camp, where the Maroon Queen questions them while Madi observes. She asks how the pirates arrived at the island and their quartermaster, John Silver tells her that they were defeated in battle and thrown by a storm onto her shores, promising her that there was no design in it. The Queen then orders the pirates imprisoned, but chooses one for interrogation. When the pirates are put in cages, they are introduced to Ben Gunn, the last of 13 crew members of a slave trader. He explains that the Maroon Queen rules over the Maroon Camp, while her husband salvages items that can't be produced on the island but are necessary for survival for them abroad. He also says that from the deference Madi is shown, he assumes that she is the Queen's daughter and next in line to the throne.

Madi, is intrigued by the pirates knowing that many of them would know her often estranged father. At night, Madi has Silver brought to speak to her, and she asks why their entire crew refused the pardon they were offered. Silver lists various reasons why his crew would have refused, but Madi disagrees, noting that over 1,000 men and women live in the camp, all of whom hate and fear England far more than the pirates. Even so, she believes that the offer of a pardon would not be so universally rejected. Silver explains that his men's lives hang in the balance and he is worried that she will dislike his answer, but she orders him to provide. Silver explains that her men are angry at England, just as his are, but Flint wants England to see and fear that anger, while her mother would prefer they fear it. Madi then orders he be returned to the cage as he begs her to do something to save his mens' lives, believing that they think similarly

When Madi talks to the Queen, her mother rebuffs her, saying the pirates simply cannot be trusted. She explains to her daughter that she and her father built the Camp as a refuge from the world of the pirates. Madi retorts that they rely on the things her father sends back from the world of the pirates, and they aren't as separated as the Queen thinks. The Queen insists that they are separate enough that have no need to see, steal from them, fight them or wear their chains again. She tells Madi that she has never had to see the horrors of slavery, for the Queen has worked hard to ensure that. But the Queen remembers those things well, and intends to hold those horrors at bay for as long as she is able. She tells Madi that every day they keep that separation, children are born in the camp and families exist. The separation ensures that and their secrecy ensures the separation. Madi asks once again to consult her father, but the Queen puts her foot down. She says that he aids them from his position in Nassau, and he may have called some of those men friends, but when it comes to the safety of the Camp, her word governs[1].

The next day, a wounded Mr. Scott is brought to the camp. Madi watches as Fremah tends to her father, and exits the room once he requests privacy after Flint arrives. Later, Madi asks Scott if her mother listened to him, and Scott says no in an amused voice. He asks if she listened to Madi. Madi then reveals that she removed one of the pirates from the cages the previous night and spoke with him. Scott asks her why, and Madi explains that he is her father and she loves him, but she does not know him. The pirates were Scott's life, and she wanted to get a brief glimpse into it. Scott assures her that he will be alright. That night, Flint is escorted to the meeting hall, where he sits before the Queen, Scott and Madi. Flint begins by saying he has great respect for Scott and knows exactly what he wants him to say, that they have no choice but to partner with Flint and his men to assure the community's survival. But Flint says that if that is all he can offer, he and his men are dead, but Flint offers something better. He says that the Camp has remained hidden for years from the harsh realities in the rest of the world, However, the moment that shot entered Scott's belly, the secrecy that protected the Camp began to fade. Soon, the Maroons will be forced to confront those realities, chief among them that the British Empire takes whatever, whenever it wants. It has taken lives, loves, labor and spirits from the Maroons, as it has him. Sooner or later, they will come for the camp.

The Queen then asks if Flint is suggesting a way to prevent England from taking those things. Flint answers that he is suggesting they start taking things back, beginning with Nassau. He says Nassau is defendable, can supply itself and is a place the Maroons can settle. The Queen counters that Rogers holds the harbor with a small navy, the town with a full company of British Regulars, and the street with his pardons. Flint says that Rogers has an inoperative fort, is responsible for an administrative nightmare, and has temporarily pacified an island of hunters that Flint could turn against him. Once Flint reveals himself as alive, he will convince them to join him in ousting the British. The Queen says that she does not have the numbers to defend Nassau, even if they were able to miraculously defeat Rogers. Flint says that for every man in her camp there are thousands in the West Indies, chained in fields, pressed on ships and sold into indenture. Once they see a Royal Governor protected by His Majesty's Navy deposed, they will flock to Nassau to join the fight. Flint finishes by rhetorically asking what a colonial power does when the men whose labor fuels it put down their shovels, pick up swords and say no more. Flint says they may just be able to bring down the Empire. The Queen agrees to the deal, and Flint and his men are freed[2].

Silver is left behind on the Maroon Island to solidify the partnership, while Flint searches for new allies: Charles Vane and Blackbeard’s fleet. Madi attends a healing ceremony for her father, but notices Silver's absence and goes looking for him. When she finds him, she scolds him for his absence, but he is revealed to be feverish and weak because of his infected leg stump. Silver insists “it will pass,” while Madi insists on fetching Fremah, the medicine woman. As she leaves, Silver grabs her wrist in protest, causing Udo to put a knife to his throat. Silver continues to insist that he just needs to find a place to weather it, but Madi says she fails to understand why Silver would allow himself to suffer when both he and the Maroons have access to good medicine. Silver explains that he cannot seem weak in any way, as he is only able to fulfill his duties if looks the part, which he cannot do while incapacitated by opium. Madi realizes that no one prepared him for leadership, while she has been prepared to take her mother's place all her life. She tells him that the crown is always a burden, but it cannot be borne if he cannot stand.

Before Fremah applies the medicine to his leg, Madi urges Silver to at least use a stick to bite down on but he refuses. Madi holds his hand as he struggles not to cry out during the process. After it is done, Silver explains that it wasn't the burden of leadership he was unprepared for, but dealing with Flint. He is required to steer Flint away from the depths of his darkness and temper him, but he fears that he will get lost in it. Later that night, Madi approaches her father in his room. She expresses her fears that they have made a mistake putting their lives in Flint's and Silver's hands, for their relationship is extremely volatile. Scott explains that those two are peerless when it comes to shaping the world to their will, and creating a narrative that captures mens' hearts and minds, the reason they rose to their stations. Scott then says that the most compelling stories have a villain at their center. If either Flint or Silver sees the other as a villain, or worse, the Maroons, all is lost. The pirates are of great value to the Maroons, but they have to be managed. Madi asks how she is to do that. Scott says he wishes he and Madi had not been so separate all those years, and that he could have been a better father to her. However, he was determined to leave her something, something no one could take away, that could allow her to understand, interact with, and wage war against the outside world. Scott reminds her that the villain makes the story, so to manage their partners, they have to agree at all times who their villain is. Madi then goes to her library, where she finds Rogers' book, Voyage Round the World[3].

The Walrus returns to the Maroon Island. Once there, Flint and Vane meet with the Queen, Madi and Kofi. Flint and Vane propose finding Jack Rackham and the cache of gems from the Urca de Lima prize gold. They would then lure all of Rogers' forces to an unfamiliar battlefield that would be to the advantage of the pirates and Maroons. Kofi then asks them what battlefield they have in mind, and Flint tells him the Maroon Island. He reacts incredulously to the prospect of leading the superior force to their secret camp. The Queen then orders them all to leave. Flint is able to convince her, and she tells him that while he goes to Nassau to retrieve the cache, Madi will join them to retrieve a stockpile of weapons from Scott's agents, and will be Flint's equal in command of the crew in the Queen's absence. Madi lead their men aboard the Walrus. On the way, they meet in the great cabin with Flint, Vane, Silver and Billy to discuss their plan. Kofi receives assurances that Madi will not enter the Tavern while Flint and Billy go to recruit men. However, Billy says that Silver should be the one to proclaim Flint's return, and they all agree.

While Silver leads his men to the tavern to announce Flint's return, Kofi, Madi and Zaki go to Eme. Eme asks about Scott, and after briefly lying, Madi reveals that he is dying. Madi then asks to hand over the stockpile of weapons and ammunition. Eme has her agents transport it to the Walrus. Madi then muses about how she knows she has been to the Tavern before, having been playmates with a young Eleanor Guthrie. Now, they are on opposite sides of what will be a bloody war, prompting Eme to ask what is coming. After Silver makes his speech and kills Dufresne, they regroup and return to the ship. Aboard, Madi watches Dooley reenact Silver's killing of Dufresne, and Flint asks if she was there and where Silver is, and she directs him to the sickbay. The next morning, they sail to the eastern shore to pick up recruits, and find Governor Woodes Rogers waiting for them under a flag of truce. Flint goes ashore to talk to him, and afterwards Rogers revokes the universal pardon, promising to hunt down and hang Flint and his allies. Later, Vane returns with Anne Bonny, having convinced her to hand over the cache to the British. They explain to Flint and Madi that now they have a way to capture both Jack and the cache in one move while they are being transported to a ship to deliver them to Havana[4].

The Walrus feigns departure, but in truth sails away to a position off the coast while they wait for Flint and Vane's shore party to return with Jack and the cache. Madi asks Silver how it is possible for them to see the island, but the island cannot see them. Silver explains that De Groot said that from their position, the hull of the ship sits below the horizon, and with the sails furled, the masts are too thin to be visible, but their lookout still has a view of the island. Madi asks how it is they determine this position, and Silver answers that he waits for De Groot to finish speaking and repeats what he said to the men, admitting that he is not actually an expert sailor, although he keeps this from the men. Madi notes that what their men think of him is evolving after the previous night's events. Madi recalls Silver's fear of having to join Flint on a dark path that he would not be able to return from. Silver assures her that his mind is clear, but at that moment Dooley interrupts, saying he urgently needs Silver.

Silver learns from Dooley that Dobbs severely attacked Chidi, one of Madi’s men, in retaliation for killing several of the crew back on Maroon Island before the partnership was agreed. Silver, at an impasse as to how to proceed without tearing their alliance apart, eventually brings Madi into the fold. Madi swallows her pride to maintain the alliance, and releases the man with orders to say nothing, and the story will be that Kofi beat him for speaking impertinently to Madi. Later, while the crew eats on deck, Madi expresses how difficult it was to tell her childhood friend that he had to accept what was done to him by a man who looks just like those who murdered his parents. She promises to fight the anger rising inside her telling her to let her men loose on the pirates. Silver promises that it will not happen again, and they vow to move forward. In order to chastise Dobbs, he has the vanguard pin Dobbs in his bunk with a blanket and beat him. Shortly after, Hornigold is spotted sailing after them, and Silver orders that they rush to retrieve the shore party and flee to the Maroon Island[5].

Hornigold chases after them, but is forced to retreat after Flint and Silver pull off a risky maneuver to rapidly turn their broadsides on Hornigold. When they return, the Queen meets them at the shores of the Camp. Flint informs the Queen that they now have a week to prepare for Governor Rogers' attack on the island. The Queen acknowledges that they have much preparation to do and little time to do it. She then notices the bruised Chidi, and asks what happened to him. Madi replies that it was all a misunderstanding that has since been sorted.  Madi goes to Scott, and says that Eleanor Guthrie is with Rogers now. She says that she understands how hard this must be for Scott, as the two cities he held together for so long are now at war with each other. Not only that, but he has daughters on both sides of the war. Scott interrupts her, and says "only you."  As Scott lingers in his final moments, the entire community waits for the news. When he ultimately passes away peacefully, Kofi announces it with several blows of his horn. The entire community mourns his death. As part of his funeral ceremony, Madi has to find something of hers to use as an offering at his burial, which she tells Silver before breaking down crying while Silver comforts her. That night, a funeral ceremony is held[6].

Silver defense.jpg

As overwhelming English forces converge on the island, the Maroon Queen takes refuge with the women and children in a cave under the encampment. As the soldiers approach the camp, Madi arrives at the cave with a boy who had been hiding by the river. Madi then informs her mother that everyone is accounted for and where they need to be. The Queen says everyone but Madi, saying she knows Madi feels like she isn't where she belongs.  Madi explains that  she feels that she should fight alongside the pirates and her people, to show them that not only are they leading them into the war, but are willing to lead them through it. Despite her objections, the Queen relents and Madi helps lead the defenders with Silver. In doing so, Madi affirms her role as the community’s new leader.  

When Madi joins Silver on the ramparts, he asks her if the Queen objected to Madi's presence on the front lines. Madi says that she believes that her mother wanted to, and that it went against her nature to allow it. But the Queen allowed it because she understands that if they survive the battle, she will likely have to step aside to let Madi lead them through the war.  Silver remarks that it is a hard thing to look your successor in the eye, but the Queen could do far worse than Madi. The British soldiers then arrive, and begin bombarding the camp with mortars. Silver and Madi take cover together, while Flint leads his men in ambushing the British forces, routing them. After the battle is won, Madi sits at the table during the meeting between Captains Flint,  Teach,  Rackham, and John Silver over how to proceed in their war to reclaim Nassau and from there begin a slave rebellion in the New World. The Queen stands to the side, allowing her daughter to take up the mantle of leadership[7].

Season Four[]

Sometime after their victory at the Maroon Island, the pirates launch their Invasion of Nassau. Madi leads her men on the Walrus, which sails alongside the Revenge, commanded by Captains Edward Teach and Jack Rackham. as well as the Defiant and the Eagle. As they sail into the bay, Madi informs John Silver that the lookout reported five two-masted vessels in the harbor, just as Billy Bones had reported. Silver notices Madi looking at Flint, and asks if she still does not trust him. Madi answers that she understands why Silver does, and Silver tells her that Flint is already worried that the alliance will fall apart, and asks her not to give any more reason for Flint to believe that. As they sail deeper into the bay, the Revenge sails into position to begin firing on an unarmed Fort Nassau, while the other three ships prepare to take on Rogers' fleet and make their landing. However, Woodes Rogers has scuttled ships at the harbor mouth, and the Walrus, Eagle and Defiant all run aground on them. With the bulk of the Pirate Fleet immobilized, Rogers' men remove covers from the fort's cannons and open fire. Madi and the rest of the men take cover as cannonballs rain down upon them. Flint has his men fire a few shots back at the fort, but he realizes it is futile and orders the men to abandon ship. Madi and her guards go into a longboat, and she begs Silver to join them but he insists on delaying as he will be the slowest one. As he makes his way down the ladder, his peg leg gets caught in the rope before a cannon shot causes the ladder to fall into the water, dragged down by a swivel gun. As Madi watches in horror, Flint prepares to jump in after Silver, but they are forced to flee when the Gloucestershire begins attacking them.


Madi, Flint and a handful of their men make it to the fallback position on the eastern shore. As the last longboat approaches, Flint remarks to her that he heard that they pulled a nearly drowned injured man aboard, and Madi says she heard the same. Flint explains that he has to be careful, as it will be hard to explain to the remaining men why they choose to wait to hear about one of them, when over 200 are unaccounted for. Flint says he heard that she and Silver had become close as they worked together, even becoming friends, and that Silver is his friend too. Billy and some men from the Resistance arrive, and he tells a furious Flint that he told Featherstone to tell him not to enter the obstructed harbor, while Flint informs Billy that Silver is presumed dead . Billy then begins leads the combined party inland to their base. Madi lingers momentarily, asking "where are you."

Madi reminisces about a time in bed with Silver, revealing that they have become lovers. While in bed with Silver, she notices that something is amiss, and he explains that they received word that the Pirate Resistance led by Billy Bones has declared fealty to a pirate king that will return to Nassau and drive out the British, the king being Long John Silver. Madi asks who that is, and Silver assumes that Billy used the tales told about Silver after he killed Dufresne and used it to build the story. Madi asks why this bothers him, and he says that when he and Flint are of one mind, they can accomplish anything, but elevating one over the other even as a fiction seems a dangerous temptation of fate. Madi adds that this further bothers him because he believes Flint to be his friend. Silver continues to talk about how he knows Billy wants to remove Flint but dislikes being conscripted to that cause. He then takes issue with Madi saying that he believes Flint is his friend. Madi reminds Silver of the fate of those who previously served in Silver's position, and he counters that much has changed since then. Madi agrees, but says that suspicion is needed when a man needs something from someone and only after calls them a friend. Silver says he needs Flint as much he needs him, but Madi disagrees, and thinks he would be a good king and would follow him.

Billy leads Madi and Flint to the Barlow Estate, which has become the base of the Pirate Resistance. Inside, the three discuss their next steps. Billy argues in favor of bolstering their numbers by taking the Underhill Estate, while Flint argues in favor of going for Nassau directly before Rogers regains his footing. Billy tells Flint that with Silver gone, Billy, and not Flint, will be in charge. Flint tries to leverage the fact that with Silver presumed dead and Rackham's fate unknown, Flint is the only one who knows where the cache of gems is buried. Madi says that Silver told her the location, and that while it would be preferable for them to lead with one voice, she acknowledges that it won't be that simple, and there will clearly be no Pirate King there[8].

Madi agrees to raid the Underhill plantation to liberate its slaves and bolster their manpower. As they prepare to depart, Flint approaches her and questions whether Silver actually told her the location. Madi admits this, but says she had no choice, for it is clear that Billy is the one holding things together and is universally looked up to and trusted. They cannot, as Flint wishes, cut him out. Had she not stepped in, it would have been extremely destructive. That night, they assault the plantation, killing the militiamen and securing the main house, where Madi finds Ruth, Underhill's house slave and a contact of her parents'. Ruth thanks them for coming, but urges them to leave. When Billy arrives, he says they've secured the estate but encountered something strange. Before he can explain, Madi says that the doors to the slave quarters were locked from the inside. Ruth has told them that to protect their assets, the plantation owners had the loved-ones of the slaves spread among all seven plantations on the island. If any estate were to fall due to inaction or rebellion, their relatives on the other estates would suffer reprisals.

Over Billy's objections, Flint orders a tactical retreat and Madi agrees, planning on striking Nassau directly, which will act as a signal for all the estates to rebel simultaneously. However, Billy’s lingering resentment blinds him to the right choice, and he orders his men to apprehend Flint. Madi orders their men to back up Flint, and the raiding party is split in half, pointing swords and pistols to each other. Billy orders his men to open fire, leading to the two slides clashing. Billy fails to kill Flint, and the militia from the other estates arrives. Madi and Flint lead their men in retreating, while Billy's stay and fight[9].

Madi, Flint and the rest of their men retreat to an abandoned, dilapidated house somewhere on the island. He voices his opinion that the group has no choice but to leave the island and that no slaves will fight with the pirates after Billy remained at the estate despite the consequences it entailed. Madi rebukes him, telling him that while Billy may be their enemy, Flint is not and that many pirates fought with them at terrible cost, silencing him. Madi then prepares to head to head to the Tavern undercover with Kofi to find Eme in order to get information so they can prepare to incite an insurrection against Governor Rogers. Madi thanks Flint for siding with her, knowing it cost him dearly. Flint replies that without their alliance, there is no widespread revolution. Madi asks if he truly believes that they can still make a difference to the men in London. Flint answers that that's the trick: the empire survives because everyone believes its survival to be inevitable, but they can prove it isn't so. If they can take Nassau and expose the illusion, and from there inspire a revolt across the New World, people will notice. Madi smiles and says "too much sanity may be madness, but the maddest of of all? to see the world as it is and not as it should be," quoting Don Quixote. She and Kofi then head into town.


In town, Madi meets with Eme and informs her of what happened. She tells Eme that there has to be support for their cause in Nassau, however dormant. Eme says that once there was, but Nassau is too frightened to openly defy Rogers and his soldiers. Madi tells Eme that she and Captain Flint have lost more than she can know to reach this moment, adding that Flint is waiting with a small force of men. Eme asks if Long John Silver is with them, and Madi tells her that he died in the bay. Eme then tells her that Silver is alive, and a posse just departed for the Wrecks to capture him. Madi is able to inform Flint and he and his men are able to rescue Silver and Israel Hands. The rescue party returns to the Abandoned House, where Silver and Madi tearfully reunite with a kiss.

Eme tells them that the execution of the prisoners taken from the invasion is scheduled for today, and Berringer stood in the square and said if Long John Silver had a problem with this he was welcome to show his face and voice it. Dooley points out that even if they could get through the outer defenses, ten of them walk into town and face what could be 100 soldiers. Flint says that everyone knows what is to happen when Long John Silver returns, all that remains is for him to return. Silver says it would help if Nassau knew he was coming, and asks if Eme can see to that. Eme promises that she'll see to it. Silver rides into Nassau, and arrive in the town square where they find Captain Berringer with a company of Redcoats. However, Madi and Eme arrive with the townspeople, and they rise in revolt. Nevertheless, as the Redcoats try and flank the pirates, Billy and his men show up in the nick of time, and the pirates takeover Nassau[10].

After taking control of Nassau Town, Madi, Silver and Flint set up a command center in the Governor's Mansion as they attempt to solidify control over the still chaotic situation. While they wait for Billy to arrive, Flint tells Madi and Silver that they are all rightfully angry at Billy for what he did at the Underhill Estate, but he reminds them that Madi had told them that they cannot let their feelings cloud their judgement, and Billy has tremendous influence within their ranks, though Silver reminds him that Madi said this before Billy tried to kill them both. When Billy arrives, Madi, Flint and Silver present a united front. Madi chastises him for his actions at the estate, pointing out that it played out exactly how they feared it would, and Flint says that it is paramount that Madi be safely escorted to the plantation so she can begin trying to repair their alliance with the island's slave communities. Billy then asks what they want to do about Max, who he has captured and Eleanor Guthrie has offered to release 20 captured pirates as ransom. After a tense conversation with Billy, Silver informs Flint that Billy has agreed to the exchange, and Madi will be escorted to the plantation.

At the Underhill Estate, Madi is disturbed to find that Billy's men have kept many of the slaves, who were angry about the consequences of their actions, in chains. She finds Ruth, who explains that Billy's men had sent warnings to the other estates not to harm their slaves, and received a sack of white fingers as a response. A slave named Julius led a revolt at the Edwards Estate as their loved ones were being tortured. The revolt spread to the other estates, and now Julius leads an army that is just as angry at the pirates as they are the British. Billy and his men chained the slaves most liable to join Julius and his army. Madi reminds Ruth that she and Flint tried to stop the reprisals. Ruth says they know this, but they also know that Madi and Flint are not fully in control of the pirates. Madi resolves to get control of them, but Ruth says that it is impossible to wage war against the world, and the best they can do is find a place they can protect and save who they can, as the Maroon Queen had done, and that Madi should learn from her mother[11].

With Eleanor still holding the fort, Flint and Silver holds a secret meeting with her, who proposes to surrender the fort in exchange for Urca cache. Silver immediately refuses, but watches helplessly as Flint accepts the deal, offering himself as guarantor. When, Silver tells Madi of the deal, he’s shocked when she sides with Flint, fully bought-in to his war against civilisation.

XXXIV madi.jpg

Meanwhile, Billy is becoming a problem, boldly offering to kill Eleanor and Flint during the exchange. Madi encourages Silver to betray Billy to the plantation slaves to repair the alliance, and he eventually agrees, on the condition that he survives their retribution. It is up to Madi to lead Eleanor and Flint to make the exchange. However, on the secluded beach the only thing waiting from them is Jack Rackham with a small crew; the ship that was seen approaching was Rackham’s and not the one sent to retrieve the cache.

Trying to return to the fort, they find that Nassau is in the throes of a devastating Spanish invasion incited by Rogers. Eleanor, Flint, Madi and her men are holed up at Mrs. Barlow’s abandoned house, when they spy a small band of Spanish scouts. As the Spaniards approach, Flint and the men kill everyone except for three Spanish soldiers who flee. Leaving two men behind, Flint and the others give chase.  

Inside the Barlow house, Madi and Eleanor finally have a chance to talk. There are mixed emotions. Madi bitterly recalls how her parent trusted no white people, not even Eleanor. Meanwhile, Eleanor is finally ready to leave this chaos; as long as it's to live with someone she loves who loves her back. By the end, it seems that the pair have reconciled. Unbeknownst to them, however, one of the Spanish scouts outside is not dead. He kills their two bodyguards, and sneaks inside and attacks them. Madi is knocked out, and a brutal brawl ensues with Eleanor. She manages to smashes an oil flash over his head, setting him on fire. As the house catches flames, Eleanor tries to save Madi.


Unknown to everyone, Madi escapes the blaze, but is captured by Rogers’ redcoats. However, they don’t realize who she is, until Billy makes his deal with Rogers, wanting the pirates to pay for betraying him. Rogers tries to make a deal with Silver to exchange Madi for the Urca cache, although Flint insists on a rescue plan. The next day with the Walrus in range, Rogers executes the men Flint sent ashore to rescue Madi, and then moves on to Madi herself. To Flint’s helpless bewilderment, Silver orders Israel Hands to bring up the Urca cache which he had dug up in secret. Rogers weighs anchor and sets sail, with the Walrus in tow.

At Skeleton Island, Flint absconds with the cache into the forest, and Silver promises Rogers he’ll retrieve it and kill Flint. Before attacking the Walrus in their absence, Rogers goes see Madi in her cell. He quietly reads her the riot act: he has no regard for “her kind” and despises the idea of compromise, but offers her a deal to save Silver’s life. However, a calm and collected Madi has the interests of her people firmly in mind and picks the cause over the man. Nevertheless, during Roger’s attack on the Walrus, Jack Rackham arrives in the nick of time, and manages to rescue many of the pirates including Silver and Flint. Together they storm Rogers ship. While the battle rages at all levels of the ship, Silver goes below and finds Madi alive.

While Madi returning to Maroon Island, Silver and Flint row ashore to retrieve the treasure. However sometime later, Silver returns alone. Silver explains to Madi that Flint has been taken to the Savannah plantation to be incarcerated with Thomas Hamilton; reunited with the man whose supposed death gave birth to Flint, the old McGraw seemed to re-emerge. In their final scene, after an implied pause of their relationship, Madi meets Silver at the edge of Maroon island, ready to forgive Silver for ending the war, and ready to reconnect.


Madi has lived in the ex-slave community almost all her life, and has never known the chains of slavery like her parents. She feels the weight of expectation on her shoulders, to eventually succeed her mother as leader. Like her mother, her people follow her orders without question. Unlike her mother, who is distrustful of the pirates, she's curious about them as a link to her estranged father. As the pirates and ex-slaves form a partnership, she slowly grows closer to John Silver, eventually becoming his lover.

Memorable Quotes[]

By Madi[]

"For as long as I can remember, I have been prepared for the day I would take my mother's place. To know that from that day forth, I would forever be the one who tends as opposed to the one who is tended to. You're frustrated. You're angry. You're tired. Perhaps no one else knows why. I believe that not even you know why. But I know why. The crown is always a burden. But it cannot be borne if you cannot stand."
―Madi to Silver, XXIV.
"When I speak, my men listen, and they do as I say."
―Madi to John Silver in XXVI.
"My father didn’t mistrust Flint. My father mistrusted all of you."
―Madi to Eleanor, XXXIV.
"The voice you hear in your head I imagine I know who it sounds like, as I know Eleanor wanted those things. But I hear other voices. A chorus of voices. Multitudes. They reach back centuries. Men and women and children who'd lost their lives to men like you. Men and women and children forced to wear your chains. I must answer to them and this war their war Flint's war my war it will not be bargained away to avoid a fight, to save John Silver's life or his men's or mine."
―Madi to Rogers, XXXVII.

About Madi[]

"It's a hard thing to look your successor in the eye and know that their time is nearing while yours is almost through. But as far as successors go, your mother could do far worse."
John Silver to Madi in XXVIII.
"She's as wise as her father. She's as strong as her mother. There isn't a man or woman in Nassau who'd argue that she isn't the best of them all."
Flint to John Silver in XXXVI.


  • In Treasure Island, it's mentioned that Long John Silver married "a woman of colour", which Madi's character is based on.


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