Merchant Ship's Cook
Merchant Ship's Cook (2)
Vital statistics
Title Cook
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Ships Unnamed merchant ship
Relationships None of importance
Appearances Only appearance: I.
Portrayed by Joe Vaz
"Why aren't you on deck with the crew?"
"I think the better question is why aren't they down here with us? You could be killed up there.
―Merchant Ship's Cook and John Silver[src]

The Merchant Ship's Cook was a crewman on a merchant ship taken by Captain Flint and his crew. He briefly encountered John Silver.


Merchant Ship's Cook (3)

Once the crew stops the Walrus, they quickly identity and prepare to defend themselves. While they arm themselves, the cook runs into the captains cabin, and steals a page from his ledger, then runs to a storage room. As he tries to lock the door, the door is thrown open by John Silver, he then locks the door behind himself. When asked by the cook why he isn't defending the ship, John replies that it would be smarter to ask why they aren't hiding with them. When he hears this, he calls John a coward, when John reminds him that they are both hiding, the cook points out that he isn't payed to fight, and that cooks are in short supply, so he has a good chance at being picked up by the pirates, while they might kill John for sport.

While arguing, the ship is hit by cannon fire and the cook drops the ledger page he stole, when John asks about this, the cook becomes hostile, then draws a sword and attacks John.

Later, after the battle is over and the pirates are looting the ship, Gates and several others break down the door to find the John over the cooks body, impaled by the sword. John tells them that he killed himself in fear, while he wants to join their crew as ships cook.
Merchant Ship's Cook Dead