Miranda Barlow
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Deceased (killed by Rhett)
Ships None
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Appearances First: II.
Last: XVII. (Alive)
Last: XVIII. (corpse)
Last: XXIII. (Hallucination)
Portrayed by Louise Barnes

Miranda Barlow was a resident of Nassau. Unknown to most, she and Flint had a relationship, but even those who knew about it were unaware of its full extent.



Barlow was originally from London where she was known as Mrs. Thomas Hamilton. Her husband, Thomas, was close friends with a naval officer, James McGraw. Thomas's father, the Earl Alfred Hamilton, had been Lord Proprietor of the Bahama Islands at some point in the past. Her affair with McGraw began when she invited him to an exhibition of Ancient Egyptian artefacts at a friend's house. Following her husband's incarceration, she and McGraw moved from London to Nassau, where she became known as "Mrs. Barlow", and he becomes the notorious pirate captain, James Flint.

Season One Edit

Miranda and Flint
Miranda first appeared following Flint's successful duel against Singleton. She helped him recover by bandaging his wounds. She would eventually be asked by Flint to provide a safe-house for Richard Guthrie who was then a fugitive and was convalescing from a gunshot wound he received in the shoulder. Barlow dutifully treated Guthrie and eventually began to form a friendship with him, in particular over the book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, which she had given Guthrie to read during his recovery. When Flint found out that she had been discussing the book with Guthrie, he became incensed with her. Flint would later reveal to Billy Bones that he and Barlow's greatest shared interest was with books.

During her time in Nassau, Barlow would repeatedly be visited by Pastor Lambrick, who was always trying to get her to engage him in conversation. The times that she did speak with him, she often played the role of devil's advocate to his spiritual teachings. Lambrick told Barlow that she was mistrusted by many among his "flock". This is evidenced when a local boy throws a rock at her and calls her a witch one day while she was gardening. During one of her conversations with Lambrick, Guthrie passed his sleeping guard, crept about her house, and found a painting of her and her late husband. It was then that Guthrie found out who she really was. He later confronted her about it and attempted to entice her to go to Boston, where she could begin a new and cultured life like the one she had left behind when she left London.

When the crew of the Walrus captured the Andromache, Billy Bones found a letter on the Andromache that was written by Barlow. The letter was to the authorities in Massachusetts. It stated that Flint was a good and decent man who was willing to give up the pirate life. In the letter, Barlow pleaded with the authorities to accept and forgive Flint once he betrayed his crew.

One evening, Pastor Lambrick came to Barlow's house very late in the evening. He stated that he was concerned about her safety because Richard Guthrie had recently taken up with a powerful local landowner and he feared that her association with Flint would put her in danger. Barlow told Lambrick that she was perfectly safe and that she knew the real reason why he came: because he wanted to have sex with her. Barlow then proceeded to seduce Lambrick and the two had sex, albeit very briefly.

Season Two Edit

Barlow assisted Flint in the return of Abigail Ashe to her father Peter Ashe. Her plan, along with Flint, was to convince Ashe to renew efforts of reconciliation between the pirates of Nassau and England. During this effort, she would admit to Ashe that she had received information about the whereabouts of Alfred Hamilton and had encouraged Flint to find and execute him.

Later, during negotiations for reconciliation, Barlow noticed a grandfather clock in Ashe's mansion that had once belonged to her in her home in England. When she brought this to the attention of Ashe, he admitted that he had betrayed her, Flint, and Thomas Hamilton many years earlier after threats were made against his family by Alfred Hamilton. Furious, Barlow berated Ashe and prayed that the city of Charles Town burn to the ground and that she be allowed to hang Ashe herself. She continued screaming at Ashe until she was shot in the head and killed by Colonel William Rhett. Soon after her death, the crew of Charles Vane destroyed the city, fulfilling Barlow's dying desire.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I want to see this whole goddamned city, this city that you purchased with our misery, burned. I want to see you hanged on the very gallows that you use to hang men for crimes far slighter than this. I want to see that noose around your neck and I want to pull that fucking lever with my own two hands!"
―Barlow to Peter Ashe, her last words.[src]


  • Louise Barnes, the actress who portrays Barlow, is married to Nick Boraine, the actor who portrays Peter Ashe.

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