Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Ships Walrus
Relationships James Flint (Captain)

Randall (Friend)

Appearances First: I. (mentioned)
First: II.
Last: IV.
Portrayed by Jeremy Crutchley

Morley was a veteran pirate aboard the Walrus under Flint's command. Despite being a part of the crew, he had little loyalty to the captain.



Morley was one of many of the crew members who planned to side with Singleton during a vote of leadership to replace Flint as captain. After Singleton's death, Morley remained suspicious of the claims.

Season 1Edit

After Singleton was killed, both Morley and Turk stood back as the rest of the crew drank and relieved themselves on Singleton's corpse. Despite being opposed to the treatment of his body, they stayed back, knowing they would risk wrath of the crew or Flint for defending a thief's body.

John Silver later discovers, then tells Billy Bones, that Morley, Turk, and Randall are all that is left of the mutiny, and that they believe John is with them. Whilst Bones does not see Turk or Randall as threats, he knows little of Morley, and knows that this could make him a risk.

When confronted by Bones, he admits he believes that Singleton was framed, but backs down when Bones presses him to imply that he had lied when he confirmed the theft. Despite conceding that he may have been wrong about Singleton, his opinion of Flint is unwavering. He tells Bones of a ship the crew had taken some years previously, a ship they where told carried great wealth. When they took the ship, they found some items of value, but nothing to equal the loss of life and cost of chasing and capturing it. While exploring the ship, he comes across a room, inside which a man and women are pleading for their lives, and promising wealth if spared. Instead, they where killed, and Morley sees Flint coming out. The truth, he surmises, was that Flint had cast aside the interests of the crew for the sake of a favour for a woman, Mrs. Barlow.

Morley dead S1E4

Morley, crushed by the Walrus.

When Randall gets pinned underneath the Walrus, Morley is the first to rush in to help, followed by Flint. Despite their best efforts, they are unable to dig Randall out, so they resort to cutting off Randall's trapped leg. While Flint and Randall survive the incident, Morley is unable to get out in time, and is crushed to death.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • While Morley has thin, black hair, when he is crushed by the ship, he appears to have blond hair.