Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Ships None
Relationships None Specified
Appearances Only Appearance: I.
Portrayed by Ernest Ndhlovu

Mosiah was an influential member of the Walrus crew, particularly among the African members.


Mosiah was the de facto leader of the African members of the Walrus crew. With an upcoming vote imminent for the captaincy of the Walrus, Mosiah held influence in the outcome of the vote due to his position. With nine votes on the line, Gates asked him to influence the other Africans to support Flint, and he agreed after a brief discussion. However, the conversation was witnessed by Jack Rackham, who went and informed Singleton.
Mosiah cronfronted by Singleton

Singleton confronted Mosiah on the beach, angry that Mosiah had gone back on his promise of support. Mosiah tried to tell him that he is simply trying to put his men's best interest first, then turned to leave. Mosiah and Levi were confronted by Rackham and Anne Bonny, who drew her swords. When Levi pulled his sword, she easily killed him. After that, Charles Vane, another Captain who works out of the island, came out of the shadows and revealed himself to Mosiah.

Later, Joshua found Gates, who was speaking with Eleanor Guthrie and Mr. Scott about his being able to secure the vote in their favour.

Mosiah Dead

Joshua told them there had been an incident, and took the three of them to the beach to find the body of Mosiah. He told Gates that he went to find Mosiah when he didn't return from the meeting, and found him dying on the beach. Before he died, he was able to speak a single word, "Vane".