Mr. Scott
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Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Status Deceased (succumbed to wounds caused by English soldier)
Ships Royal Lion
Spanish Man O' War
Relationships Benjamin Hornigold (Former captain, deceased)
Eleanor Guthrie (Former master/Friend; deceased)
Richard Guthrie (Former master, deceased)
Maroons Queen (Wife)
Madi (Daughter)
Appearances First: I.
Last: XXVII.
Portrayed by Hakeem Kae-Kazim
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"You have your doubts?"
"Of turning pirates into farmers and soldiers? Of fighting a war against Whitehall from a sliver in the Atlantic? Doubt, Captain Flint, does not begin to describe how I am feeling.
James Flint and Scott[src]

Mr. Scott was Eleanor Guthrie’s right-hand man. Formerly Richard Guthrie’s house slave, his loyalties are put to the test as Eleanor allies herself more closely with Captain Flint. After he was sent to the slave markets aboard the Andromache and liberated by Flint's pirates, he joined the pirate crew of Captain Benjamin Hornigold, becoming his quartermaster.



Mr. Scott was kidnapped in his early teens from Africa and he was sold into slavery - he has African tribal scars on his face and speaks the native tongue. He eventually became the houseboy for Richard Guthrie. As Scott grew older, Guthrie entrusted him with more responsibility and eventually, Scott earned an education.

It is revealed in Season 3, that Mr. Scott was married to a fellow slave in Nassau, the Maroon Queen, and had a daughter Madi. During the War of the Spanish Succession the port became a haven for English privateers, and the Spain threatened to invade. Mr. Scott secretly secured his wife and her daughter passage to a remote escaped slave community on the Maroon Island. He stayed in Nassau to covertly provide the community with supplies, while his wife eventually became the leader of the community.

Season One

Scott is Eleanor's closest adviser. He often attempted to bring pragmatism and caution to Eleanor's plans. Scott spent a good bit of his time taking inventory from the ships that brought their goods to Eleanor. When Eleanor attempted to take the guns from Bryson's ship, the Andromache, Scott begged her to not take them by force. However, despite her promise to him that she would not use force, Eleanor had several men with guns at the ready in case Bryson did not agree to hand over the guns. Her disobedience completely stunned Scott, who told Eleanor: "Shame on you."


As Richard Guthrie and Mr. Scott walked back to Barlow's cottage after the meeting with Bryson, Richard told Scott that he feared that Eleanor would get herself killed. He stated that if she continued on the path she was on, that either the British or the Spanish would kill her. When Scott asked Richard what he told Bryson in private, Richard confided that he had a plan in place that would save Eleanor from herself. He asked Scott to help him. Scott agreed and knocked out O'Malley as O'Malley stood watch on the beach waiting for Bryson to deliver the guns.

He was then taken by Bryson and put with the slaves below deck, per Richard Guthrie's orders. Bryson told him that this should have been expected, as he had betrayed Eleanor, the women he was supposed to protect. While in the keep with the other slaves, the Andromache was assaulted and boarded by the crew of the Walrus. Initially, Scott refused to aid the slaves in their attempts to free themselves. However, he eventually created a diversion to distract and kill a guard. This gave him the opportunity to free the rest of the slaves in captivity who then aided the crew of the Walrus in overthrowing the Andromache.
Mr. Scott S1E5

Upon his return to Nassau, he attempted to regain favor with Eleanor, explaining to her that everything he did against her was out of love for her. When Eleanor asked him if he was planning on just waltzing back and apologizing to her and thinking that everything would be OK, Mr. Scott said "Where else would I go?" It was then that it was revealed that Mr. Scott is still a slave of the Guthrie's. Scott took care of the slaves that were rescued from the Andromache, bringing them food and lobbying for their release. Eleanor eventually completed a transaction where she freed the male slaves to join the crew of the Black Hind and allowed for the females to work for a wage in her tavern.

Upon invitation of Captain Hornigold to join the crew of his ship, Scott agreed and left Eleanor's side.

Season Two

Captain Flint returns to Nassau, after capturing the Spanish Man O’ War, to find much has changed. Benjamin Hornigold’s flag no longer flies over the fort, and Mr Scott and Hornigold explain that Charles Vane has taken over the fortress.

Flint is determined to remove Vane from the fort. As Flint prepares to open fire on the fortress, Mr. Scott and Flint are talking aboard Flint’s ship. Flint asks Scott his advice. Scott tells him that there must be another way other than open war among the pirates, which would leave Nassau open to either the British or the Spanish. Despite Mr Scott’s advice, Flint orders the crew to open fire.

When Flint proposes calling off the attack on the fortress, in exchange for the hostage Abigail Ashe, Hornigold turns against Flint, and challenges him for captaincy. However, when news arrives that the Spanish have reclaimed the Urca gold, the support for Hornigold as captain collapses. Hornigold decides to leave Nassau, but Mr Scott opts to remain with Flint’s crew.


On the trip to Charles Town to return Abigail, Mr Scott remains as acting quartermaster for the combined crew. Scott survives the fight when Vane takes over the Man O’ War, and is taken prisoner, before eventually retaking the ship along with the rest of Flint's crew. Mr Scott eventually loses out to John Silver in an election for quartermaster.

Season Three

In the months since the end of Season 2, Mr Scott has left Flint’s crew, to remains in Nassau and help restore the fort. When Jack Rackham and Vane capture a slave ship, and use the slaves to rebuild the fort, Mr Scott helps ensure the slaves are treated fairly.

Soon, news reaches Nassau of the imminent arrival of Woodes Rogers and a fleet, intent of re-establishing English governance. The pirates fight to save Nassau proves short-lived. Rogers offers the pirates all pardons and most accept.

Afterwards, Mr. Scott approaches Hornigold and offers to continue repairing the fort. Hornigold reveals the fort slaves have fled, but Mr. Scott claims he can convince them to return. Later, in an isolated bay near Nassau, Mr. Scott is actually helping the fort slaves escape to the Maroon Island. Two English patrolmen come upon them, and a brief gun battle ensues, wounding Mr Scott in the crossfire.


Mr. Scott and the escaped fort slaves arrive on the Maroon Island to find Captain Flint and his crew imprisoned. Flint is granted a private audience with the gravely injured Mr. Scott, and learns that Nassau has fallen. Mr. Scott is in favour of a partnership with Flint, now that they cannot be supplied from Nassau. His wife eventually agrees.

Mr. Scott lingers for many weeks but ultimately passes away peacefully. The entire community mourns his death.


Mr Scott starts the series as Eleanor Guthrie’s loyal right-hand. He wants to do is keep the business stable, make some money, minimize risk, and above all keep Eleanor safe. As Eleanor allows herself to be draw deeper and deeper into Captain Flint’s reckless plans, he allows Richard Guthrie to convince him to betray Eleanor. Ironically, Scott would eventually become part of Flint and Hornigold’s alliance. He continues to be a voice of caution, advising that open war among the pirates, would leave Nassau open to the British. As we find out in season three, part of his reason for desiring stability in Nassau, is to protect the secret nearby community of ex-slaves, including his wife and daughter.


  • While a prisoner aboard the Andromache, Mr. Scott revealed that he could speak the native tongue of the African slaves that were aboard the ship.[1]
  • The scars on Mr. Scott's face are tribal markings used to identify someone as belonging to a specific African tribe or ethnic group.

Memorable Quotes

"You can never forget who these men are, they are not our friends."
―Mr. Scott to Eleanor[src]
"If you need me, I will be here for you. But as long as you insist upon this course with Captain Flint, I will always be tempted to interfere."
―Mr. Scott to Eleanor[src]
"Now you think you can waltz back in here and pick up where we left off like nothing happened".
"Where else would I go? I belong to you. Chattel property of the Guthrie estate.
―Eleanor and Mr. Scott[src]

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