Vital statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Status Alive
Ships Intrepid
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Appearances First: II.
Portrayed by Graham Weir

Naft is a pirate captain in command of the Intrepid. Naft is one of the least profitable captains on the island, yet owns one of the largest ships.

Season OneEdit

Naft is first seen in the streets of Nassau trying to convince the appraiser Frasier that a painting he had looted was the genuine article and not a forgery. Despite Frasier's attempts to explain that while they are the "same" they are not on the same level. Later, after Richard Guthrie shuts down his smuggling operation, he is requested by Eleanor Guthrie to attend a meeting with fellow pirate captains Benjamin Hornigold and Geoffrey Lawrence where Eleanor proposes that he and Geoffrey go legitimate and form a shipping consortium of their own. During the meeting, he tells Eleanor that he does not envisage any problems in convincing his men to become merchant sailors. 

After Hornigold makes his ultimatum, Eleanor stays alone in her office thinking on the terms. Naft states that he thinks her thinking this over is a good thing, much to the surprise of Geoffrey and Frasier. Frasier explains to him that her taking her time is her really just swallowing her pride, and if she takes to long, Hornigold will leave and they risk being killed by the mob outside.
Naft S1E6
Soon after this, Eleanor comes out of her office and accepts Hornigold's terms.

Once Hornigold joins the consortium, Naft and Geoffrey go to their crews and explain their new jobs. Just as Naft expected, he crew was willing to take on the newer, safer job. At the first meeting of the Consortium, Geoffrey explains he had the opposite reaction, and most of his crew left when they heard the news. Despite the setback, things where in order.


  • The painting that Naft is trying to pass off as an original is a forgery of an artwork by Dutch painter Adriaen Hanneman (1603-1671).

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Fruit. Fruit. Tits. Tits. Plant. Plant. It's the fuckin' same!"
―Naft to Frasier[src]
" It is with great pleasure that we shall now commence our inaugural meeting of the Guthrie-Frazier-Naft-Lawrence Shipping Consortium for the Purposes of Trade in the West Indies, Excelsior........Reginald, add to the agenda discussion of a shorter name."
― Naft[src]

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