Vital statistics
Title Brothel owner
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Charles Vane)
Ships None
Relationships Max (Former-employee)
Idelle (Employee)
Appearances First: I. (mentioned)
First: II.
Last: IV.
Portrayed by Tony Capari

Noonan was a brothel owner in Nassau. Girls like Max and Idelle worked for him in exchange for protection and a place to conduct business.


Noonan cares only for the girls as financial gain. As long as the girls are able to work, and come back in one piece, he would not care.

Season OneEdit

After the events the caused Vane the loss of his ship and crew, Max went to serve exclusively for Vane and the few members of his crew that stayed with him. Noonan, outraged, confronted Jack Rackham, but was chased off by Anne Bonny, who had become upset with Noonan's treatment of Max, especially his referral to the latter as "whore".

Noonan later attempts to get even by attacking Vane in a back alley. While they are able to beat him and put a gun to his head, the pistol misfires and Vane snaps back and kills the two men protecting Noonan, and stabs him in the leg. Noonan begs for mercy, promising money if he is spared, but Vane puts his boot to Noonan's neck, and breaks it. 

Vane kills Noonan S1E4

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