Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Ned Low)
Ships None
Relationships Eleanor Guthrie (Boss; deceased)
Appearances First Appearance : IV.

Last Appearance : X.

Portrayed by Karl Thaning

O'Malley was a mercenary who worked for Eleanor Guthrie at her tavern.


Season OneEdit

Eleanor hires O'Malley as a body guard and enforcer, his main job being to protect the bar and Eleanor. When Dyfed Bryson arrives, Eleanor gives O'Malley orders to kill Dyfed should he refuse to hand over his cannon.

When Dyfed tells Eleanor he will give them to her, she sends O'Malley to the docks to oversee the unloading. As Dyfed prepares to leave, Mr. Scott arrives and tells O'Malley that he will take over the watch, but is forced to knock him out when O'Malley refuses to leave, telling him he was told to watch with his own eyes.

When he awakes, he goes to the bar and explains what happened to a very angry Eleanor, although she doesn't directly blame him for the loss. O'Malley then stand guard over the bar, keeping out members of the growing mob outside, furious at what they see as being robbed by the Guthrie family.

Hammund and O'Malley

O'Malley is the first one to stand in front of Charles Vane's men when they enter to confront Eleanor. O'Malley directly stands in front of Hamund, the leader of the group of men. He steps closer as Hamund attempts to upset Eleanor when he tells her they are going to the beach to have sex with Max.

Later, Anne Bonny comes to Eleanor for help to kill Hamund. She has become tired of his treatment of Max, and want to make sure he will taken care of but can't directly interfere. Eleanor sends O'Malley with some other men for an ambush set up to kill Humund and the other seven remaining members of the Ranger crew.

Season TwoEdit

O'Malley as massacre S1E6
When Ned Low beheaded Meeks in Eleanor's tavern and began to threaten Eleanor, O'Malley intervened by putting a sword to Low's neck and demanding that he leave. Low fought back and a sword fight ensued. O'Malley was subsequently sliced in the stomach and was then stabbed through the neck by Low, killing him.

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