Merchant Ship's Captain (2)
Vital statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Ships Unnamed merchant vessel
Relationships Fisher (subordinate; deceased)
Appearances Only Appearance: I.
Portrayed by Graham Hopkins
Parrish commanded an unnamed ship targeted by Captain Flint. Despite warnings and plea's from his crew, he decided to fight against the Walrus rather than to surrender.


As his ship is attacked, Parrish tells his crew to ready the cannon and fight. However, their cannon are out of range and inferior those of the Walrus. After a brief attempt to destroy the Walrus, the Captain sees that they will be boarded, so tells his crew to pull back to his quarters to stage a final defence.

Merchant Ship's Captain

Once he enters his quarters, he locks the door, leaving anybody still outside to die. They soon hear chanting and noise from the pirates, then it goes silent. The next thing he knows, a explosive barrel blows a hole in the wall, killing several men and stunning every one else. The pirates then burst in and quickly take the crew. The captain, still refusing to surrender, takes a shot, hitting one of the pirates in the leg, and getting attention from Singleton. Before Singleton can kill the Captain, he is stopped by Flint, he tells them both the fight is over.

Merchant Ship's Captain (3)

Parrish is taken and tied to the mast, with Singleton trying to convince the crew to torture him. While waiting for his fate, Flint comes up to him, and asks where the missing page from one of his ledgers is. The Captain explains he doesn't know where it is, and pleads with Flint to tell his men to stand down and not hurt him. When Flint doesn't respond he realizes that Flint doesn't have that control. He warns Flint that if he is not careful, they will hang him up and do what they are doing to him. As Flint leaves, Parrish tells him he wont give them the pleasure of him screaming during the torture, to which Flint congratulates him, and leaves him with Singleton.