Peter Ashe
Lord peter ashe
Vital statistics
Title Lord
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by James Flint)
Ships Unknown
Relationships Abigail Ashe (daughter)
Thomas Hamilton (Friend)
James Flint (Friend/Ally)
William Rhett (Subordinate; deceased)
Appearances First: XII.
Last: XVIII.
Portrayed by Nick Boraine

Peter Ashe was a British nobleman and the Governor of the Carolina Colony.



Peter Ashe was formerly a Member of Parliament and close friends with Thomas Hamilton, his wife Miranda and James Flint, known to Ashe as James McGraw. He was a supporter of Thomas' plan to reconcile the pirates of Nassau with English rule. However, he was blackmailed into betraying his friends by Alfred Hamilton when Hamilton allegedly threatened to harm his family. As part of the betrayal, Ashe testified to the homosexual relationship taking place between Thomas and James, which resulted in Thomas being sent to a lunatic asylum and Flint being exiled along with Thomas Hamilton's wife Miranda.

As reward for his betrayal, he was appointed Governor of the Carolina colonies. Originally a lenient man with regards to piracy, he completely changed his policy toward pirates after Alfred Hamilton was murdered by pirates. Ashe became known for his violent policy toward pirates and all those who supported their endeavours, even executing men for merely possessing pirate obtained goods.

Season Two

Ashe would later be reunited with Flint and Miranda Hamilton when Flint returned Ashe's daughter Abigail to her father after she had been kidnapped by pirates. Flint had hoped that in doing so he might persuade Ashe to support a renewal of a plan of reconciliation. However, during their negotiations, Miranda noticed a grandfather clock in Ashe's mansion that had once belonged to her in her former home in London. Ashe eventually confessed to the couple that he had betrayed them ten years earlier. When Miranda accosted Ashe, Ashe's subordinate Colonel William Rhett shot and killed Miranda, thus ending all hopes of a future alliance between Ashe and Flint.

With any hopes dashed, Ashe put Flint on trial for piracy. The trial was interrupted by an attack on the city by the crew of Charles Vane. During the chaos of the attack, Flint stabbed Ashe through the stomach, mortally wounding him. Ashe would die watching his city be laid to waste around him.


  • Ashe is played by actor Nick Boraine, who is the husband of actress Louise Barnes, who plays Miranda Barlow.

Memorable Quotes

"You wish to return to civilization. That is what civilization is" - Peter Ashe.


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