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Vital statistics
Port Nassau
Owner Charles Vane (formerly)
Captain Charles Vane (Deceased)
Hal Gates (Deceased)
Crew Dozens of pirates
Passengers None
Status Destroyed
Type Square-rigger
Weapons 24 cannons
Battles Attack on the Spanish Man O' War
Affiliation Pirate Brethren
First appearance
"As you know, I've been asked to serve as captain of the Ranger when next we sail."
Hal Gates to the crew of the Walrus.[src]

The Ranger was a pirate ship captained by Charles Vane.


It is unknown when and where Vane obtained the Ranger. When Eleanor demands that Vane's crew either decide to be blacklisted or join with Captain Flint in his expedition, the Ranger, to all intents and purposes, becomes Flint's ship. During the expedition, the Ranger is captained by Gates. Along with the Walrus, the Ranger was involved in the battle against the Spanish Man O' War. The Ranger was eventually destroyed and all of her crewmembers died.


Deceased Crew


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  • In real-world history, the Ranger captained by Charles Vane was a brigantine, not the three-masted vessel as shown in the series.