Richard Guthrie
Richard guthrie
Vital statistics
Title Governor
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by Charles Vane)
Ships None
Relationships Eleanor Guthrie (Daughter; deceased)
Mr. Scott (Slave, formerly; deceased)
Underhill (friend; deceased)
Appearances First: I.
Last: XVI.
Portrayed by Sean Michael
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"No cargo moves off this island without Mr. Guthrie's ships and connections. The last crew that ran afoul of him couldn't buy or sell shit for two months. That's an outcome I'd like to avoid."
Hal Gates to Billy Bones[src]

Richard Guthrie was a smuggler and the richest black-marketeer in the Bahamas. Because of this, he had become a powerful and dangerous man.[1]

Season OneEdit

After Captain Flint took a merchant ship, and found that the ledger he was looking for was missing the page containing the information he was wanting, he went to Guthrie, believing that he could reconstruct the information on the missing page.

Guthrie was less then pleased to see Flint, but sat down with him to discuss his plan. Flint explained that the Spanish had sent out the Urca de Lima, a treasure galleon carrying five million dollars in gold and goods. Flint explained that the Spanish had left the ship lightly-guarded, and taking the ship would benefit them both. However, Guthrie saw the risk as too great to even consider, as even enquiring of the ship's movements could result in his death. As Flint began to assault Guthrie, Billy Bones, who was there to keep Flint from overreacting, told them that British troops were entering the Guthrie home.

Captain Hume, the commander of the Scarborough, came into the study, to find Flint and Bones sitting down, and Guthrie sitting behind his desk, handling a "meeting". Guthrie told Hume to return later. However, Hume informed Guthrie that he suspected him of smuggling and dealing with pirates and intended to arrest all three of them. Before he could, a brief fight took place, leaving Hume and his men unconscious, and Richard with a bullet in the arm.

Flint and Bones took him back to the Walrus, with the intention to use him as leverage, should the need arise.

Richard Gunthrie S1E3

Flint would eventually drop Guthrie off at Miranda Barlow's house to recover from his wound.

Some days later, Richard Guthrie awoke to see his daughter, Eleanor, sitting on his bed. Eleanor tells Richard that she needs his help; to remain in business, they would require someone with ships and power. When he says nothing and looks away from her, Eleanor explains to him that he only has two choices: help her or flee to Boston where his father and brothers still live. Richard remains staunch and continues to say nothing. As he continues to heal, he begins to poke more around Miranda's house and eventually comes across a painting of Miranda and another man that is labeled "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hamilton."

Guthrie eventually comes around and begins to support Eleanor's plan, especially her plan to take guns from Dyfed Bryson's ship to put to use on Flint's ship. Mr. Scott arrives to dress Richard Guthrie for the upcoming meeting with Bryson. Guthrie brags to Miranda about what a fine man Mr. Scott is. He states that at one time Mr. Scott was his personal houseboy and that Scott worked his way up into eventually earning an education, which he then passed on to Eleanor. Miranda questions why Guthrie is taking part in the attempt to get Bryson's guns. Guthrie responds that he must present himself as still in command of the functions of the trading company as opposed to being a wanted criminal. Were Bryson to find out that Guthrie was a wanted man, then Bryson would take him back to Boston in shame.

At Eleanor's tavern, the meeting between the Guthries and Bryson takes place. Bryson seems stunned that Richard would go along with a plan such as the one to capture the Urca, but Richard tells him that the only thing that matters to him is profit and that they stand to gain quite a bit. Richard then asks to speak to Bryson alone. Bryson then accuses Richard of being desperate. He surmises that with the Scarborough docked nearby and with Guthrie taking part in such a risky plan, that something must be terribly wrong.

As Richard Guthrie and Mr. Scott walk back to Miranda's cottage, Richard tells Scott that he fears that Eleanor will get herself killed. He states that if she continues on the path she is on, that either the British or the Spanish will kill her. When Scott asks Richard what he told Bryson in private, Richard confides that he has a plan in place that will save Eleanor from herself. He asks Scott to help him.

Back at Miranda's cottage, Richard Guthrie returns from the meeting in town. Guthrie sits down and begins to converse with Miranda, who he calls "Mrs. Hamilton". He calls Miranda out for being the former Mrs. Thomas Hamilton, who was the grandson of Alfred Hamilton, the former Lord Proprietor of the Bahamas. Richard then begins to tell how he'd always heard a story about Mrs. Hamilton. He heard that Mrs. Hamilton, long rumored to be the cheating type, had begun an affair with her husband's best friend, a young Royal Navy officer. Upon finding out about the affair, Mr. Hamilton was so overcome with grief that he killed himself. Mrs. Hamilton is then said to have fled London with her lover, who Richard surmises must be Flint. Richard then offers to return her to civilization by taking her to Boston where she can find a fresh start.

The next day, Richard begins his new mission by telling the local pirates of the attempted arrest from the Royal Navy. He tells them that his assets, funds, and his ability to pay the crews for their works are gone. To make things even worse, he tells then that they do not have the means to pay off all the credit owed for goods already provided. He leaves the now angry mob with his daughter, who is left to deal with the problem.

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