Vital statistics
Port Boston
Owner King George I of England
Captain Hume
Crew Unknown
Passengers None
Status Active
Type Man-of-war
Weapons Unknown, up to 124 guns
Affiliation Royal Navy
First appearance I.
"Royal Navy. The Scarborough."
"Scarborough ports in Boston."
"Not today she doesn't.
Hal Gates and James Flint[src]

The Scarborough is a man o' war in the Royal Navy. Its commanding officer is Captain Hume.


After taking and looting a merchant ship, one of the members of the Walrus crew spots the ship in the distance. Gates points out its far from port, but is heading their way. Captain Flint orders his crew to ready the Walrus to leave, and depart before the Scarborough reaches them.


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According to the show ... as of the first episode "In 1715, West Indies , the pirates of New Providence Island threaten maritime trade in the region. The laws of every civilized nation declare them hostis humani generis; enemies of all mankind. In response, the pirates adhere to a doctrine of their own...war against the world."

This making the HMS Scarborough, a royal navy Man of War, around the time of its lauch in 1711, refitted in 1720, that was sold by the royal Navy in 1739. However, in 1715, it was considered a frigate, rather than a Man of War, with a 32 gun capacity.