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Vital statistics
Port Boston
Owner King George I of England
Captain Hume
Crew Unknown
Passengers None
Status Active
Type Man-of-war, 5th rate frigate
Weapons 32 guns
Battles Boarding of the Andromache
Affiliation Royal Navy
First appearance I.
"Royal Navy. The Scarborough."
"Scarborough ports in Boston."
"Not today she doesn't.
Hal Gates and James Flint[src]

The HMS Scarborough is a man o' war in the Royal Navy. Its commanding officer is Captain Hume.


Season One[]

After taking and looting a merchant ship, one of the members of the Walrus crew spots the ship in the distance. Gates points out its far from port, but is heading their way. Captain Flint orders his crew to ready the Walrus to leave, and depart before the Scarborough reaches them.

News of the Scarborough worries many of the pirates of Nassau, and some try to flee, much to Eleanor Guthrie's chagrin. 

Gates tells Billy Bones that they both saw the Scarborough and know what's coming. They cannot thieve forever and Flint can see them through it. 

Pastor Lambrick informs Miranda Barlow that he and his flock have heard that the Scarborough recently docked in Harbour Island. Lambrick and his flock eagerly await the arrival of the Royal Navy on New Providence Island and the reassertion of colonial rule.

Dyfed Bryson asks Richard Guthrie if his wanting Bryson's guns to go after the Urca de Lima has anything to do with the Scaborough being docked at Harbour Island. Bryson had wanted to unload the slaves in his hold there, but decided against it when he saw the Royal Navy ship. 

Bryson informs Hume of the route the Andromache will be taking, as well as the fact that Flint will be chasing after him. Before nightfall, the Scarborough catches up to the Andromache and the Walrus, and remains anchored nearby. The pirates are caught between the Royal Navy ship and Bryson's remaining crew who are holed up in a bunker belowdecks.  At nightfall, the pirates are forbidden from using any lights to avoid giving away their location to the Scarborough. Logan, who is on watch, nervously says to Billy that he feels the Scarborough out there, just waiting to loose her guns on them. The pirates eventually breach the bunker with the help of the slaves in the hold. While they transfer the cannons to the Walrus, two pirates trigger a powder trap that causes an explosion. The pirates cut loose from the Andromache to flee the Scarborough, who fires her cannons at the pirates. Several of the shots hit home, and Billy is knocked overboard. 

When the pirates return to Nassau, Flint tells Eleanor that her father and Bryson gave Flint's location to Hume. 

Season Two[]

It is revealed that Billy was captured by the Scarborough and taken to Harbour Island. 

When discussing attacking Fort Nassau, Benjamin Hornigold tells Flint that it would take 10 weeks to restore the batteries and twice that to resecure the interior. Hornigold calls it a relatively short window in the grand scheme, but Flint replies that it's a short window that coincides with a British warship sitting at anchor 40 miles from them. 

Billy Bones washes up on the shore near Nassau and Silver takes custody of him. After Billy is freed, he goes to the crew. He tells them that he was captured by Hume, who told him that the day before he was a free man, and now Billy is a thief condemned to die. However, he was able to escape when his guards got careless.

Billy secretly tells Dufresne that Hume offered him a deal. In exchange for capturing Flint and bringing him to Harbour Island, Billy and nine men of his choosing will receive Royal Pardons. 

Billy tells Vane that the threat England poses that Flint has been talking about isn't imagined. Billy himself saw the garrison on Harbour Island: a full company of Royal Marines and 200 men in support, he Scarborough anchored nearby with a captain just waiting to receive the order to attack Nassau. 

After Eleanor Guthrie is brought to Harbour Island, Hume gives Hornigold, Dufresne and their eight men the pardons and sails for England with Eleanor as a prisoner. 



  • HMS Scarborough, built in 1711, and refitted in In 1715, was rated as a 5th rate, 32 gun frigate. “Man-o-war” was a term used to describe sailing warships (typically 5th rate frigates and above). The 32 guns was her official rating, but not necessarily her carrying capacity—guns were often added or removed, depending on the situation. The Scarborough would have likely been able to carry up to 40-44 guns, making it a fearsome presence in the Caribbean during this period.
  • The real life Scarborough had a captain called Francis Hume, who inspired the commander shown in the series. It was also active in the Caribbean during this period.