Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by James Flint)
Ships Walrus
Relationships James Flint (captain, rival)
Jack Rackham (ally)
Charles Vane (ally)
Appearances First: I.
Last: I. (Alive)
Last: II. (corpse)
Portrayed by Anthony Bishop
"Know this now that the fight is over, you have nothing more to fear from us today. Because we know this fight was not of your making. It was the choice of our true enemy. Your true enemy. The tyrant captain."

Singleton was a crew member for the Walrus, and the assumed next in line under Captain Flint. Singleton was fairly open about his dislike for the captain, and it was known that he was attempting to bring the majority of the crew to his side so he could replace Flint.

Season OneEdit

Singleton had been increasing his power on the ship, taking every opportunity to attempt to sway the crews vote in his favor. The ship's quartermaster, Gates, knew this and made it clear to Singleton that he knew this. After taking a trading vessel, Singleton made a speech to it's crew that need no longer fear him now that they have taken the ship, and that the true enemy is the "Tyrant Captain". He was able to convince four to join, but Gates told him that they couldn't afford it, and that he knew Singleton cared more about their votes then skill.

Singleton and Gates

Gates confronting Singleton about his treatment of the trading ships captain.

After docking at Nassau, Singleton was approached by Jack Rackham, who told him that Gates had been bribing the crew and important people to vote for the Captain instead of Singleton, including Mosiah, who controls just enough votes to sway the outcome. When Singleton confronted Mosiah on the beach, he was backed by Rackham, Anne Bonny, and their Captain who kill both Mosiah, and his guard, Levi.

Later, back on the Walrus, he officially called for a vote, knowing he had the votes. However, the captain accused him of theft, and they decided to settle it with a duel to the death. While Singleton gained the upper hand early in the fight, Flint disarmed him, took a cannonball, and beat Singleton to death. Following his death, his body was propped against a wall on the boat deck and urinated upon by several sailors.
Singleton death

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Know this: Now that the fight is over, you have nothing more to fear from us today. Because we know this fight is not of your making. It was the choice of our true enemy, your true enemy, the tyrant captain! Many of us once sailed on ships like this one. We know what it is to be slaves to his whim, his violence, his shit wages, his insufferable stupidity, so we've made for ourselves a different life where we don't rely on wages, we earn a stake, and where our pleasure isn't a sin, it's a virtue. We also know what it's like to see our brothers die."[1] -Singleton to the crew of a captured vessel.

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