Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased (killed by O'Malley)
Ships Ranger
Relationships Hamund (Friend)
Appearances First: IV.

Last: VI.

Portrayed by Frans Hamman

Slade was a pirate aboard the Ranger under Charles Vane's command. When Vane was banned from business on Nassau, Slade was one of ruffly eight men who stayed.


The only real benefit of staying with Vane is Max, who gives her services to the crew to repay the debt she feels responsible for. She tells the men that pleasure works both ways, and is greater when both parties are happy. Slade goes along with this and believes it to be true, unlike Hamund, who continue to use her as he feels fit.

When Anne Bonny tires of Hamunds actions, she conspires with Eleanor Guthrie to have him killed. She tricks the crew into thinking the pearls Rackham lost where hidden in the Wrecks. When they arrive, they are ambushed and killed, including Slade who is killed by O'Malley.
Slade dead S1E6

Slade's body on the beach


  • On the way to the ambush, Rackham asks Anne if she has considered how Max would feel about Slade's death, as he had never hurt her yet is being lead to his death.

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