The Wrecks
Continent North America
Location New Providence Island
Notable inhabitants Israel Hands
Population Opium addicts


The Wrecks is a place on Nassau where numerous ships lay in various states of destruction upon the shores. Jack Rackham states that it is inhabited by "opium addicts, lunatics, and men who think themselves to good to wear a condom."[1] The Wrecks is where Rackham and Vane attempt to buy the Urca de Lima's schedule from Silver and where Silver eventually burns the schedule. During that incident, Rackham also loses five thousand Spanish dollars worth of pearls that he borrowed from the crew. Weeks later, the Wrecks are used as a place of ambush after Anne Bonny becomes tired of Hamund and his treatment of Max. She convinces them that Rackham only lost half the pearls, and hid the rest. When they take Bonny and Rackham to the wrecks, they are attacked by Eleanor Guthrie's men, who kill Hamund and the rest of the men that he led there.[2]
Vanes crew killed S1E6

Anne Bonney's massacre.


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