Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Presumed Dead
Ships Walrus
Relationships James Flint (Captain)
Randall (Friend)
Appearances First: I.

Last: VIII.

Portrayed by Quentin Krog

Turk was a member of the crew of the Walrus.

Season OneEdit

According to Billy Bones, Turk believes that Flint is un-dead, walks the earth without a soul, and that there is a witch deep inside the island that controls his every move.

After the death of Singleton, Turk, Randall, and Morley remain suspicious and are all that are left of the failed mutiny. John Silver informs Bones of this, although Bones does not regard Turk and Randall as real threats

During the preparation and planing to take the Andromache, Turk does what he can and is ordered to help prior to the battle. Whilst Billy explains the defences and skills their target has, Turk points out that from what he is seeing, there is nothing they can do do take the ship without getting killed. 

As Turk has not been seen since the battle with the Spanish Man O' War; it is assumed that he died during the battle.