Urca de Lima
Vital statistics
Owner King Philip V of Spain
Captain Unknown
Crew Unknown
Passengers None
Status Wrecked
Type Galleon
Weapons 80 to 100 guns
Battles None
Affiliation Spanish Navy
First appearance First mentioned: I.
First appearance: VIII.
"Friends...brothers...the prize that you and I have been pursuing is L'Urca de Lima. The Hulk. A prize of almost unimaginable value."
Flint to his crew[src]

The Urca de Lima, occasionally referred to as The Hulk, was the largest Spanish treasure galleon in the Americas, and was believed to be carrying five million dollars worth of money and cargo.



The Urca de Lima is a ship that was constructed at some time before 1715 for the purpose of transporting the King of Spain's treasure from the Spanish Main to Spain. Being the flagship of the treasure fleet, it carried the most gold out of all the other galleons in the armada. Like most treasure galleons, it is heavily armed, but is often protected by two smaller ships. For some reason, the Urca was sent out alone, leaving it as vulnerable as possible.

Season One

After learning it is unprotected, it has been Captain Flint's ambition to take the heavily laden galleon for himself. Sometime around Easter of 1715, Flint set out aboard the Walrus, along with its crew, with the intention of plundering its vast amount of treasure, all in Spanish Dollars.[1] However, Flint keeps his knowledge of the ship to himself, and is forced to reveal his knowledge during an attempted mutiny. Prior to that, his goal has been to find the scheduled path the Urca was taking.[2]

Urca grounded

The Urca lies broken on the shores of Florida.

After finding the ledger, then following John Silver's instructions, the Walrus soon comes across the planned path of the Urca. Despite John's assurance, the ship is nowhere to be seen, and they get the attention of a Man O' War. After a fruitless battle, the Walrus is wrecked on the beach. While scouting the area, they find the wrecked Urca de Lima in another bay. The reason they were unable to find her was because she wrecked the night before in a storm.[3]


  • In real-world history, the Urca never carried any gold or silver for the Spanish crown but mostly goods such as cowhides, chocolate, sassafras, incense and vanilla. The entire treasure aboard were a few chests of private silver worth 252,171 pesos. The Urca was part of a fleet of 10 ships that either ran aground or sank off the coast of Florida. After the treasure was recovered by the Spanish, the Urca's wreck was burned to the waterline to hide it from English pirates. However, the treasure was eventually stolen by pirates led by Henry Jennings.


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