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Vital statistics
Port Nassau
Owner James Flint
Jack Rackham
Captain James Flint
Crew Walrus Crew (60-70 men)
Passengers Richard Guthrie (Formerly; deceased)
Madi (Formerly)
Status Sunk at Skeleton Island
Type Square rigger
Weapons 26 cannon
4 swivel guns
Battles Capture of Parrish's ship
Capture of the Andromache
Attack on the Spanish Man O' War
Battle against the fleet at the Maroons island
Battle to retake Nassau
Affiliation Pirate Republic
First appearance I.
"That ship flies the banner of Captain Flint."
Merchant Ship's Cook to John Silver[src]

The Walrus is the ship of the infamous pirate Captain James Flint during the Golden Age of Piracy.



Flint became the captain of the Walrus shortly after his arrival in Nassau in February, 1706. He convinced her quartermaster, Hal Gates, to prop him up as captain and he was elected shortly thereafter. By June, they captured their first significant prize.

At some point, Flint convinced the crew to track down the Maria Aleyne, a prize he said would yield a tremendous haul. However, the ship proved to be a mediocre prize, and Morley became distrustful of Flint after witnessing him murder two passengers and report their deaths to Miranda Barlow upon their return.

By the spring of 1715, the crew of the Walrus became dissatisfied with Flint's leadership after he lead them on a string of prizes with poor profits. Singleton emerged as the main challenger to his leadership.

Season One

"They think it'll be a while before she sails again."
John Silver to James Flint[src]

In 1715, the Walrus attacked Parrish's Ship, which refused to surrender, forcing the pirates to fight. The ship proved to be another disappointing prize, although Flint found something he was looking for in the captain's log, but Gates pointed out that they were still short of their goal. The crew also takes on a new cook, John Silver, from the merchant crew. Eventually, the pirates flee back to Nassau when a Royal Navy warship, the Scarborough, is spotted nearby.

While the ship is anchored in the bay, Silver sneaks aboard and into Flint's cabin at night to figure out what the ripped page he stole means. The next morning, Singleton demands a vote for the captaincy be called. Flint reveals that he has been tracking a massive prize for them, but accuses Singleton of stealing the page from the log necessary to do so and turned the crew against him to cover his tracks. Singleton decides to duel Flint rather than face a trial overseen by Gates. Flint prevails, and hands Billy Bones, the ship's boatswain, a blank page, which Billy says is the stolen one. Flint then reveals that the prize they are tracking is the Urca de Lima, a Spanish treasure galleon carrying five million dollars worth of gold. The crew then votes to reelect Flint as captain.

Flint, Gates and Billy realize that Silver is the true thief, and try to apprehend him discreetly, but Silver is able to escape by joining the other crew members in going ashore.

In preparation of their voyage, Flint orders the ship be careened. However, the ship's master, De Groot, warns that the spot Flint chose is too unsafe, and they need to find another one. Flint counters that they don't have time to find another spot if they want to capture the galleon, and the crew votes in Flint's favor.

At first, the careening seems to be going well, except for the fact that two crew members tied their rope to the wrong tree, and they ignore Billy's order to fix it. The winds then pick up, and the ship begins to tip over. De Groot declares that they have to cut the ship loose or they will lose the rigging entirely. However, Randall became trapped under the ship while looking for his cat, and Flint and Morley are forced to amputate his leg to save him. Unfortunately, Morley is killed as the ship rolls over, but no lasting harm is done to the ship. The crew is then forced to set sail after the Andromache, which was supposed to hand over her 12 pounder cannon, but ultimately reneged on the deal.

During the chase, Flint orders the t'gallants be raised in order to give them extra speed, but De Groot warns that it will put too much pressure on the masts. Flint overrules him, and with Billy's help they able to safely accomplish the task. They then sail straight at the Andromache, which turns to fire broadsides at them. However, Beauclerc kills their helmsmen, causing them to lose the wind, and the current brings the ship alongside the pirates. A fierce battle ensues on the decks of the Andromache, but ultimately the pirates prevail.

During the sweep of the hold, the pirates discover that Captain Bryson and 20 of his men have retreated to a bunker that overlooks the lower gun deck, meaning that they cannot get the coveted 12 pounders. Furthermore, Bryson told the Scarborough of their route, and sure enough the ship soon appears on the horizon.

After nightfall, a stalemate ensues as the Walrus Crew repeatedly tries and fails to breach the bunker, while simultaneously trying to avoid doing anything that would give the British Navy and indication of their exact location in the dark. Eventually, the pirates realize that there are slaves being held in the hold below the bunker, and drop a tool into the hold to break their shackles. The slaves attack Bryson and his men and open the door to the bunker, allowing the pirates to flood in and finish them off.

As they transfer the cannons, two pirates accidentally set off a powder trap rigged by Bryson that causes an explosion. The pirates flee as the Scarborough begins firing at them. After noticing that the Andromache's sprit sail brace got tangled with their bow and is dragging them down, Billy and Flint go to the bow to cut it loose. During this time, Flint asks Billy about a letter he found in Bryson's cabin written by Miranda Barlow. The ship is then hit by another barrage and Billy falls overboard. Flint and Gates rush to the stern to see if they can spot him in the water but they cannot, and have to leave him behind. A solemn funeral is then held on the decks of the Walrus for their fallen crew members, whose bodies are thrown into the sea. In lieu of a body, Billy's cutlass is thrown in by Captain Flint.

The Walrus, along with the Ranger, was part of an expedition that aimed to capture the Urca de Lima, the biggest Spanish treasure galleon in the Americas. However, the expedition ended badly, because the pirate ships had to face the massive Spanish Man O' War that escorted the galleon. During the battle, the Walrus was heavily damaged, and ended up grounded on the coast of Florida.

Season Two

"Is that the Walrus?"
"It is. We found her there. Needed to get her seaworthy before we could depart."
"You needed to? Why would you need a second ship?"
"We needed the hold space.
Max and Jack Rackham[src]After making it ashore, the surviving crew of the Walrus, now under the command of Dufresne, was unable to repair the ship, as they did not have the time or tools needed. Instead they took the Spanish Man O' War and used it to escape, leaving the Walrus beached on the coast.

The Walrus and the Colonial Dawn.

When the Colonial Dawn arrived to Florida, its crew, led by Jack Rackham, defeated the Spanish soldiers and took the Urca gold. They also discovered the Walrus and repaired her, because only one ship did not have enough cargo capacity to carry all the gold to Nassau. Crewed by Rackham's men, the Walrus was brought back to Nassau, full of Spanish gold.

Season Three

After Flint's return to Nassau, Flint, Vane and Rackham made a deal to jointly lord over New Providence and keep the island protected from the British. As part of the deal, Rackham gave the Walrus back to Flint, but the Man O' War was to remain anchored in Nassau harbour to serve as a floating battery.


Deceased Crew

Status Unknown

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  • In the latter half of Season Four, it is clear that a different prop ship is being used instead of the usual one. This is evidenced by the absence of the Walrus's unique red and black paint scheme, as well as a lion figurehead in the place of the woman, and a far lower and less ornate stern.
  • In the original book, a piece of wood with the ship's name is found inside the hole where the treasure was buried.


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