Bs101 0320
Vital statistics
Port Nassau
Owner James Flint
Jack Rackham
Captain James Flint
Crew 40-60 men
Passengers Richard Guthrie (Formerly; deceased)
Madi (Formerly)
Status Sunk at Skull Island
Type Square rigger
Weapons 26 cannon
4 swivel guns
Battles Capture of Parrish's ship
Capture of the Andromache
Attack on the Spanish Man O' War
Battle against the fleet at the Maroons island
Battle to retake Nassau
Affiliation Pirate Brethren
First appearance I.
"That ship flies the banner of Captain Flint."
Merchant Ship's Cook to John Silver[src]

The Walrus is the ship of the infamous pirate Captain James Flint during the Golden Age of Piracy.


Season One

"They think it'll be a while before she sails again."
John Silver to James Flint[src]It is unknown how or when Flint obtained the Walrus. However, what is known, is that the Walrus was one of the most powerful pirate ships of Nassau. Bristling with cannon and equipped for long voyages around the Caribbean, no merchant ship in the New World was safe from Captain Flint's infamous vessel.

In 1715, the Walrus, along with the Ranger, was part of an expedition that aimed to capture the Urca de Lima, the biggest Spanish treasure galleon in the Americas. However, the expedition ended badly, because the pirate ships had to face the massive Spanish Man O' War. During the battle, the Walrus was heavily damaged, and ended up grounded on the coast of Florida.

Season Two

"Is that the Walrus?"
"It is. We found her there. Needed to get her seaworthy before we could depart."
"You needed to? Why would you need a second ship?"
"We needed the hold space.
Max and Jack Rackham[src]After making it ashore, the surviving crew of the Walrus, now under the command of Dufresne, was unable to repair the ship, as they did not have the time or tools needed. Instead they took the Spanish Man O' War and used it to escape, leaving the Walrus beached on the coast.
Walrus Colonial Dawn

The Walrus and the Colonial Dawn.

When the Colonial Dawn arrived to Florida, its crew, led by Jack Rackham, defeated the Spanish soldiers and took the Urca gold. They also discovered the Walrus and repaired her, because only one ship did not have enough cargo capacity to carry all the gold to Nassau. Crewed by Rackham's men, the Walrus was brought back to Nassau, full of Spanish gold.

Season Three

After Flint's return to Nassau, Flint, Vane and Rackham made a deal to jointly lord over New Providence and keep the island protected from the British. As part of the deal, Rackham gave the Walrus back to Flint, but the Man O' War was to remain anchored in Nassau harbour to serve as a floating battery.


Deceased Crew

Status Unknown


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